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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by oklahomafrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. His main problem was stating his donation crud. Other than saying Max isn’t skilled most of his opinion wasn’t far off. Max was not nearly as accurate as I would have hoped and sometimes forced throws. My opinion is if he is the guy I’m not going to have a conniption that we had a less than stellar year because we found what is hopefully the guy for the foreseeable future.
  2. How real is the probability that Matthew Baldwin, 6'3", 200, (RS/TR~Ohio State) will provide a serious challenge to Duggan for

    the QB spot next season? Hopefully, he proves to be the genuine article and provides a legitimate threat. Everyone benefits

    from bona fide competition.
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    There are so many young guys already in the marketplace an upgrade should be a given, for someone who is semi-competent in evaluating coaching talent. Just as an example, look at what happened at USC- They were forced to make an emergency hire after Kliffy took the job and then bailed on them in the offseason. Hired the UNT OC. U... N... T... !!! And immediately proceeded to kill it on offense with their THIRD string quarterback.

    If after what we have seen since the TB2 era from a coaching philosophy standpoint isn't enough to inform Gary that he needs to hire a legit OC and GTFO of their way, then he needs to go, too.
  4. Think there is more up side with Max ... however Baldwin and Downing will have their opportunity for plenty of reps and will only make Max better or he could get beat out, if 2019 is his up side.
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  5. Max could be the best we’ve as in a few years.
  6. Did Baldwin ever start practicing?
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    Kinda hard to shine with receivers that continually drop the ball and a porous o-line that game in and game out couldn't stop a 3 man rush. What flashes I saw from Duggan lead me to believe he is the man of the future. Just needs more experience and an o-line that can hold their water and not move before the snap and then be able to block once the ball is snapped.
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  8. Try giving Max a good offensive line.
  9. I thought he played pretty well for having a horrible offensive line, receivers that cannot catch, and a clueless offensive coordinator.
  10. I thought he played pretty well for having a horrible offensive line, receivers that cannot catch, and a clueless offensive coordinator.
  11. Everyone seems to forget that he mangled his middle finger, which, btw, is important for controlling a football when it is thrown and with Collins down, there was NO other choice really. Kid gutted it up and balled out.
  12. Either Duggan or Baldwin will win the Heisman or at worst win the O'Brien before they leave here.. If Max gets some non butter-finger receivers who only have 0-2 drops per game with a new OC, the blitzes/stacking the line of scrimmage will abate and he's going to make several more headline grabbing runs and get us into the CPF.. If Baldwin is the guy and the Frog from Mobilhoma is even marginally right, I could see Max as a Toby Gerhart type of running back and win the Heisman.. Either way, we'll call on the distinguished Frog from Mobilhoma to donate at least another $25k..
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  13. Max is good and should get better but I believe some on here believe he’s going to be better than Sammy Baugh. He’s really good but I don’t think he’s a legendary talent. I very well could be wrong but that’s how I see it right now.
  14. IMO some of the low throws In the western VA game were done so as not to throw into traffic ... but I only donate small $$. Seems like every pass was a panic scramble throw away, trying to fit in a very small window (mixed results) or low (some purposefully). I thinks he’s developed quite a bit over the course of the year. Is he a finished product? Obviously not. No freshman is.
  15. Let me preface this with I know football and you do not! Max will be an outstanding QB next season and be remembered as one of TCU’s all-time greatest.
    Giving $25k to TCU is admirable but doesn’t exempt you from making foolish statements!
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  16. Have you noticed how not 1 coach donates to their program while coaching? The actually get paid millions to coach. Kind of odd how your $25k makes you an expert and yet no one pays for your opinion. Hmmmmm?
  17. 95% Baldwin will start unless there’s an issue with his recovery. He was neck and neck with fields at OSU.
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  18. Not to get pounced on here, but you guys are funny. Just skimming this thread and it seems like everything that went South for Duggan was the WRs or Cumbie's fault and everything that went well was evidence that he's going to be an amazing starting QB (possibly a Heissman candidate?) for TCU for the next three years. Yes, he was thrown into a situation none of us expected and yes, he had moments of flash. But, he's got a lot of work to do and it may just be that making the right read quickly enough and having finesse on the ball when you need it aren't things an OC or QB coach can teach. If this season gives you reason to believe that Duggan owns the starting QB job from here on out, you haven't been paying attention. I don't care who starts next year, but let's at least hope we get something better -- either by Duggan improving/maturing or another QB beating him out. Now, since I'm not all in on Duggan, you guys go ahead and start pouncing.
  19. The only intelligent and accurate post in this thread.
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  20. Pretty spot in except for the OC/QB coach Not being able to teach the right bread part

    take OU and Riley- they have offense that is geared toward quick release on most passing plays and also aligned to strong/weak side progression

    plus they teach their qbs how to determine read option priority before the snap

    we do none of that and that is all coaching

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