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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by oklahomafrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Let me preface this by saying I have given a considerable amount of dollars to our football program (north of $25,000). I am not the biggest donor but I have certainly supported our program. Also, I got completely ripped by my so called friends or fan base a few weeks ago when I said Max Duggan is not a good QB. We should all be entitled to an opinion without getting completely shredded. I stand by the claim that Duggan is not very good as many of his decisions and throws were questionable all season. In fact, he threw quite a few flat out ducks and consistently threw into coverage.

    He had a couple of good games but he is not the long term answer in my opinion and is now responsible for one of the two worst seasons we have had in the last 20 years. I don't care how much he cares or how competitive he is, he didn't get it done over a 12 game season. Any comparisons to Andy Dalton should cease now. I'm hurting just like all of you but we can't keep defending a player because he tries hard. Results are results...
  2. He wasnt ready

    Now you guys know why our coaches were so insisting on playing a grad transfer QB.
  3. Too young but he will get better

    he didn’t have the best coaches and receivers

    how about we recruit good hands and not just speedy receivers
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  4. Seriously. go the scheiss away.
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    He wasn't the short term answer but he will be the long term answer with a year under his belt.

    Thanks for your support of the program but it doesn't mean your opinion carries more weight.
  6. He's got heart, can't teach that.

    He doesn't quite have the development / vision for this level, theoretically you can develop that. He's a true freshman.

    If we can get a good offensive coach in, he will pull his weight to get better.
  7. I have to agree. I love Max but his accuracy is bad and he can't find an open receiver. Maybe that is what you expect from a True Freshman. But there has been True Freshman QBs that have performed much better. He can run like a gazelle though.
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  8. Thought duggan played well. Terrible OC and OL and WRs didn’t help.
  9. You honestly think Max is not the long term answer? I can help with several things, but I can’t fix stupid.

    Max is a gamer and has played his ass off for this team and an abomination of an offensive system.

    Thanks for donating to the program though....I guess.
  10. If you feel the need to have to start a post by saying this, I’d wager (north of $25,000) that it isn’t true.
  11. If you think he’s the problem you should probably stop giving
  12. Dalton was terrible as a freshman. I think Max has the stuff. Him and the fact that GP proved he can still make mid-season improvement in his defenses were the only bright spots all year (and when it mattered down the stretch today GP's defense self-destructed, so the other bright spot is rather dubious).
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  13. I love Max's grit and leadership, as well as his determination and toughness.
    But, the QB job should be open for competition. Let the best man win the job. It makes them all better. Baldwin should get a fair shot at competing for it.
  14. Posting what he did 10 seconds after the last play is good reason to question his authenticity.
  15. Never said my opinion matters more, you said that...this board honestly makes me think less of TCU fans...why can't someone have an opinion without people telling them to basically go away...if you disagree, tell me why you think he's good with considerable evidence...I think it's very sad we couldn't even win 6 games and his turnovers were a major part of the reason we will be staying home...
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  16. Sorry, don't believe you.
  17. hey @oklahomafrog, go scheiss yourself.

    If you think your donation buys you influence, go join the aggies or Texas.

    Max will be a hell of a QB, he's a true freshman who progressed rapidly this season. Dalton struggled as a freshman as well, if you can pull your head out of your ass enough to remember.

    Edit: Oh and remember, you're ripping on an 18-year-old kid who's not seeing a dime of your 25k, so good for scheissin you.

    ALSO - are you a QB coach? How do you know the receivers ran the right routes? How do you know if the receiver was supposed to take a 5 step or 3 step slant?

    The short answer is - you don't. So shut the scheiss up and stay in your lane dipshit.
  18. For crying out loud, he’s a freshman that was tossed into the fire with an under performing surrounding cast! Give him some time to grow into the job before you pass judgement on his whole career. He showed signs of being very talented at times. I’m guessing he is all freshman B12.
  19. He’s not going to get better under Cumbie

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