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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. That’s the Jon Dulio kickin in
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  2. I defer to your experience and expertise.
  3. IHOb
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  4. Was watching the show on espn last night called Training Days, basically Hard Knocks for college football. They're at Alabama and Saban was getting onto a guy for not doing a drill. He asked the kid why he wasn't participating and the kid replied he had an issue with his foot. Saban gave him a hard time saying if he can't do the drill, he can't play LB'r and if he can't play LB'r, they're going to find someone else who can.

    Wonder if KL saw that?!?
  5. If KL comes out in top, you’ll see a ton of coaches retire.
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  6. World is becoming too soft. It's hard out there for a pimp.
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  7. Hell, if KL comes out on top you can officially start the countdown on the end of football.
  8. Preach. The clock is ticking either way.
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  9. I feel like the end of the football we grew up playing/watching is slowly approaching. The sport in some form will probably still exist decades in the future but I’m not sure we’ll all still want to watch it.
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  10. Yet MMA and UFC seem to be getting more and more popular
  11. Football is so popular that it really has nowhere to go but down. While MMA/UFC certainly have a dedicated and faithful following, they are still fringe sports relative to football, basketball, baseball, etc and have nowhere to go but up. The vast majority of people just don't give two craps about it. Right or wrong, that results in very little media attention for anyone who may oppose it.
  12. The combination of the nanny state and helicopter parenting will lead to its undoing. The days of yelling at players as motivation to be better won’t last long. Little Timmy, at 6’4” 230, is too fragile for his parents to handle.
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  13. It’ll be two-below/flag football/7-on-7 before long.
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  14. Due to the nature of the sport, football has a significantly higher risk of CTE than MMA does, at least based on our current level of understanding. MMA is actually relatively safe, interestingly enough.

    Football has to change to respond to the brain injury thing. It just has to, in the same way it had to change in the leather helmet days before the forward pass when college kids were literally dying every year. But that's entirely separate from Listenbees "oh boo hoo they made me rehab my injury" complaints. It stinks that's he got injured, it stinks that his NFL career might have been stunted, but outside maybe some injury insurance I don't think that's gonna be where football sees the necessary long term changes.
  15. I don’t watch the NFL anymore. Too many flags, too many reviews, it’s boring.

    I used to watch every game I could.
  16. Been a life-long Cowboys fan, yet I don't think I watched an entire single NFL game all season last year. College is my football fix now.
  17. Gladiators.

    Not much longer.
  18. The pre-game pissing contest has become more important than the game, and I'm totally not interested.
    It's a shame, because I used to like to have an NFL game on while I sewed or cleaned, etc. around the house. No more.

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