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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. He admits he peaked in college

    Let me know if I should knock this off. I'll just laugh to myself when I come across them.

    *edit He deleted the tweet. It basically said that believe it or not football players are their strongest in college and after they get to the league they are just tryna maintain.

  2. Good god he’s an idiot. Go look at any picture of an NFL player about 3-4 years after they sign. It ain’t close.
  3. That's why they say the worst NFL team would typically be a 28+ point favorite against the best NCAA team.
  4. upload_2019-1-10_17-19-25.jpeg

    As an example..... this is Stansly Maponga today. He didn’t look like this at TCU.
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  5. NFL money for food. NFL strength and conditioning programs. NFL looking the other way on PEDs.
  6. TCU lawyers no doubt are have that tweet before he could delete it. Keep digging that hole though KL. You’re doing a great job building your case
  7. He seems to be somewhat of a loner. Lots of videos while driving and on his apartment balcony.
  8. You guys gotta screen shot the dumber tweets.
  9. So then ALL of the tweets?
  10. Like the NCAA doesn’t look the other way on PEDs?

  11. [​IMG]

  12. Thanks. Saving those for that wilson poster on here.
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  13. I know right?!? It’s bizzare
  14. Think there was little help in the supplement department.
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  15. While this thread has a little bit of traction again, have their been any recent updates with the lawsuit?
  16. Bonds just got smarter and the rest came naturally. The proof is the size of that melon before and after.
  17. Sidetracking the thread but Barry could have saved himself a bunch of trouble if he’d just said “you know what..... I got damn sick of seeing Sammy and Mark on Baseball Tonight every night, on the cover of magazines, on commercials.... when I knew they were juicing and I knew I was better than them. So did I decide to take steroids? Damn right I did”. Not many people would have had a problem with that.
  18. Agreed. Instead he turned into a Bobby Bonilla look-alike and acted like it was natural.
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