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Listenbee Lawsuit Update 3/19/2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. I watch recorded games from the day before.

  2. I basically quit watching the NFL also but its interesting that those are you reasonings as the NFL game is much quicker/shorter than most college games. I think the college review system is pretty bad also.
  3. Yup. MMA doesn’t have nearly as much head trauma as football. When you take a clean shot you’re pretty much done. CTE issues develop from repeated head trauma, which is exactly what happens in football. The helmets protect them but also allow for more hits to the head. It’s the same reason boxing is much worse for you than MMA: repeated shots. Plus, in MMA you aren’t solely going for knockouts to win.
  4. I mean he basically talks to himself on twitter considering he gets very few replies to his tweets
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  5. guy i play golf with from time to time keeps pushing the idea that the key to developing your personal brand is continually positing on twitter, linked in, facebook. keeps talking about the great exposure you get etc..

    another one in our group will simply ask how much work are you actually getting done if you are always on twitter............. i think there is a balance in the middle somewhere and i think kolby has no clue what to do with his life. never prepared for life after sports, no real skills, burnt a number of bridges and is just flinging [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] at the wall
  6. So he literally has no friends. He should sue somebody for that.
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  7. It appears he needs attention in the worst way possible.
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  8. I could have told him that he’ll never play again for half the cost...
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  9. Does this mean his lawyers no longer talk to him?
  10. He is so insufferable on social media
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  11. I'm lost.

    What does that mean?
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  12. Um.....did he really trade mark his own name?
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  13. Wes, you need to get your lingo hip-hoppity. When someone is sleeping on you it means means they don't believe you'll actually achieve something you said you would or will do.

    In this case, nobody believes Listenbee will ever do jack. Imagine that.
  14. He’s just saying a lot of ppl prob tweet and IG about being “slept on” meaning ppl are doubting them. And he’s saying that they aren’t being slept on, that they just might not be good. So the irony of this is that KL thinks he is being slept on, but in actuality he couldn’t make it.
  15. That’s a “sovereign citizen” thing. Had one tell me once that every time we used his name in court we owed him a royalty.

    (not saying KL is mixed up with those weirds, just that there are people who really try to do that).
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  16. I'm not going to learn hip hop lingo but take your word as to the meaning
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  17. I’m gonna get my sleep on tonight when I go to bed.
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