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KERA: TCU Faculty Call For A Return To Online Instruction Following A Surge In Student Cases

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  1. TCU Faculty Call For A Return To Online Instruction Following A Surge In Student Cases

    KERA | By Miranda Suarez

    A group of faculty at Texas Christian University wants the school to take stricter measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff — including a possible return to online-only classes.

    The number of cases at TCU spiked shortly after students returned in August, according to the school’s self-reported COVID-19 data. At the beginning of September, there were more than 400 active cases.

    Those numbers are down to 150 active cases as of Thursday, but COVID is still affecting the school. An outbreak among football players and support staff has postponed the Horned Frogs’ season opener, originally set for Friday.

    Read more at https://www.keranews.org/education/...-to-online-instruction-as-student-cases-spike
  2. Really tired of the liberals who want to keep everything shut down. If you don't know how to live with this virus and protect yourself then you need to stay home. At the same time we all need to do what we need to do protect ourselves and others.
  3. So cases went up, and have now come down.

    Have I been wrong all this time about the definition of "surge"?
  4. What makes you think they are liberals?
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  5. Professors have the option to hold their classes online, And why start complaining when cases are way down? Just SMH at you Mr. Stewart...
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  6. The biggest complaint I here from current students (and parents) is the poor quality of the current education with little or no price break. I guess these people don't realize if their effort is going to stink, they may not (eventually) get paid.
  7. Whiny [hundinnen ]

    I'm sure there are others who would more than willing to step in and take those instructor jobs.
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  8. Sure - go ahead. But you are getting a 20% paycut.
  9. Why stop at 20?
  10. I’ll do it. I can teach the students in the marketing department all they need to know for a successful career in sales

    How to Cold Call


    How to find good restaurants when traveling for work


    ...and how to fill the emptiness of your soul with alcohol

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  11. Of course the quotes are from a journalism professor.

    Good for Boschini standing up to these weak minded, asshats.
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  12. University faculty statement on KERA: definitely a bunch of by God rock-ribbed Constitutional Conservatives!

  13. Everything?
  14. If you teach a class online do you have to wear pants?

    For me, that would be a key issue if I were an instructor...
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    There seems to be a disconnect from reality for some of our faculty. If I understood correctly Georgetown, Northwestern and a few other eliminated their 403b match altogether this year. Depending how things play out the TCU match reduction may seem like the good old days at some point.

  16. I got a 30% pay cut in my current job, so I’d be plus 10%

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