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KERA: TCU Faculty Call For A Return To Online Instruction Following A Surge In Student Cases

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. Several long time posters on this site have died since I started posting on here. I'm not sure if you're aware or not but as people age they actually die at some point. You can live your life worrying about dying or you can actually wake up each day and try to enjoy LIVING. Again, that's a VERY easy choice for me to make.
  2. Get busy living or get busy dying...or something like that.
  3. remember reading somewhere that fear is the mindkiller, the little death that brings total obliteration
  4. Mixed metaphor IMO. La Petite Mort is nothing to be feared.
  5. I went to Kindergarten at La Petite Mort...
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  6. French for a happy conclusion?
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Outfit I am mixed up in put together a fabulous liquor. Ideas for names were solicited. I suggested La Petit Mort. The other guys just looked at me, dumbfounded.

    "You do want girls to buy it, right?"
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  9. Underwear or commando?
  10. Rookie epidural placement mistake.
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  12. a pill for this and pill for that--good job big pharma fella wanting our hard earned $!!!
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  13. I sell injections thank you very much. Pills are for pansies
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    It is real and I take it serious. Because I don’t think we are going to die by the tens of millions and it being used as a political tool, I still take it serious.

    I disagree on shutting the economy and the country down. I am glad to see sports being played. I have been involved with youth sports without incident. But, I still take Covid serious.

    My bud Tony passed away from it. My oldest daughter was exposed to a friend that tested positive. We all tested negative. I still quarantined her for 14 days to her room and limited her exposure to her sister and me. My youngest and I practiced distancing and wearing masks when we went out. So, I take it serious.

    Because someone may view Covid differently than you, doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t take it serious.
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    SMH - I’ll bet that there are liberals and conservatives that don’t want to die. This premise that liberals want to shut everything down is just that- a lie. Do better
  17. I do not want to die. But, I disagree with to shut things down. But most importantly, I believe a person should make the choice that is right for them.

    If a person has the choice to work at home, do it if that is what you prefer to do. If you choose to have food and all your other necessities delivered to your home and shelter in, then do so. If one chooses to go into work, great. If one chooses to go out and eat a restaurant, that is their choice. Just the same for a business, it is the right to open up for business, or close their doors.

    Businesses and individuals need to make the choice that is right for themselves, not others. I respect your right to shelter in, or your right to go out and about.
  18. I agree with all of this.
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  19. i was responding to someone else’s post regarding liberals.

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