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KERA: TCU Faculty Call For A Return To Online Instruction Following A Surge In Student Cases

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. I started following this Chip Stewart guy on twitter after the TCU faculty 401k matching contribution reduction "crisis" this summer, and i've never seen someone bash their own employer so much online. It was funny at first when they were complaining about a 3% reduction (down to 8%...), but its gotten to the point where all he does is complain about everything TCU does. The complete lack of self awareness is astonishing, these faculty truly live in their own bubble.
  2. Gee, thanks for the clarity. Advocating for the only proven mitigation strategy to impact the spread of the disease during a global pandemic in a hotspot — that makes one a liberal? Sounds like they are being conservative to me.
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  3. LMAO at "hotspot".
  4. Personally I think the school has handled this better than expected. If the professors will keep their distance, wash their hands, and make sure everyone is wearing a mask properly, they are good to go. It is far more dangerous at the grocery store where many of the people have their masks pulled down below their nose and or mouth.
  5. Over 1,000 cases in the past 6 months in a population of 10,000 sounds like a hotspot to me. Fortunately younger people seem more resilient to it; but that wouldn’t be true of professors. Just saying, doesn’t seem like a liberal or conservative thing to me. Sounds like people are responding to a disease’s appearance on campus that has killed nearly 200,000 people in half a year.
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  6. I suspect that you can make most anything sound like a hotspot to you, if it fits whatever agenda you're on.
  7. He’s a propaganda bot. Best to ignore.
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  8. If the faculty were serious about ending the spread, they would all be driving around at night busting up student parties. Got to kill the root.
  9. So you have to be a liberal to have respect for a disease that’s killed nearly 1 million people in less than a year?
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  10. Prove it.
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  11. Nah. I am good with my assessment.
  12. I doubt the students at fault aren't so liberal. They are causing the outbreak. Pretty quick to point to liberals here.
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  13. “students at fault”....lol, the students don’t bear responsibility for spreading this. The virus is going to spread regardless of what anyone does or doesn’t do

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. No, but you have be a raging [ muschi ] to still be unable to deal with it 6 months later. If a prof doesn't want to be in the classroom then they can always quit.
  16. If I were you, I would never the house. I guess you can find someone to pay for it. Who needs jobs and an economy, that is just silly.
  17. Excellent advice. I rarely do leave the house and I do have a job and fully participate in the economy with food delivery, Amazon, and Netflix.

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  18. Still don’t understand what any of this has to do with being liberal. You can’t be worried about a communicable disease if you vote Republican?
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  19. Sounds like a miserable way to live. I just spent 15 days on a 3000 mile road trip. It kicked ass.
  20. Had to be done

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