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Jumper at the Grandmarc?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by HToady, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. I was in a community meeting at TCU with the Dean of Students and FWPD and they left abruptly about 6pm. Heard lots of sirens. Get a text from my son during the meeting saying there was a jumper at the Grandmarc and it was one of the guys arrested for the guacamole hazing a couple weeks ago.

    Nothing at all in the Star Telegram...can any of you sleuths confirm.
  2. Really hope it’s not the case here.
  3. No idea, but I was driving home on Bellaire around 6p and two cops whizzed past me with full-on sirens.
  4. Terrible news.
  5. Goodness that’s terrible.
  6. Terrible if true. And yeah, guacamole hazing?
  7. It’s true according to someone who would certainly know. You gotta take it from my word for now but yes that was what happened.

    I will certainly be praying for everyone involved. This makes me so sad.
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  9. How can one haze with guacamole? Withhold tortilla chips?
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  10. Damn, just terrible.
  11. A tragic story 4 hours ago still nothing in the Star Telegram. Report and provide hotline info?
    I guess they are all parked out in front of Gary Patterson's house......
  12. I never joined a frat. Never had any desire to. Never have I once regretted it. I do fine in my career and many of my connections are through TCU. I don't knock anyone for joining one but it's sad that some feel they have to be a part of the Greek system to 1) find a sense of belonging and 2) have success in the real world. I admit, some of the connections probably make things easier along the way but what's the joy in success if there's not a few bumps in the road?

    It will be portrayed in the media as TCU having a hazing problem but that's only a symptom to a larger issue. Somehow, TCU needs to establish that the fraternity and brotherhood is found in the letters on the diploma, not the letters outside a house.
  13. So sad. Was it one of the guys doing the hazing or one getting hazed?
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    Good gosh, a college-aged man died by suicide today. It's a freaking tragedy. Have some basic human decency -- the title of this thread, too, is just so dehumanizing and wrong.

    For once (a very rare occurrence) we should applaud the FWST for their discretion for at least these first hours to let family and friends learn of the tragedy and begin to grieve. I urge you and everyone else to follow suit.

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