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If you got a PM from me, titled Profanity..

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Wish I had read this first, so ignore my message too.

  2. Yeah you idiot
  3. It's an accessory for a pediatric urology procedure.
  4. Oops. Should have checked here first. Ignore my PM too.
  5. My apologies too. I meant to private message you, and ended up blasting it somewhere on this site!
  6. I saw the message and felt really bad and was going to apologize and thought I had managed to piss Wes off.

    Put on that damn hat of shame.
  7. Amelia Earhart died trying to circumvent the world, so I would never do that...
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  8. Darn...

    Thought I'd hit the message board Daily Double: The "5 likes" Blonde and a warning PM with one post.
  9. Observation noted.
  10. Get back in your Gulag Cell, detainee #9975368d*¥~7 .
  11. We all miss you.
  12. Oh, sorry....I read the notification first....I apologize for not paying attention....
  13. He’s just trying to drive traffic :)

    P.S. sorry I PM’d you before seeing this thread.
  14. Totally just stole this for facebook.
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  15. Though I was drunk posting again upon reading your message Wes, sorry I responded before getting on here.
  16. Now you have to tell us. Who WAS the culprit?
  17. How the hell have I not thought of this???
  18. Sorry, I replied (meekly) before I saw this
  19. Sorry - I responded to you before I read this
  20. That's where they cut off the end of your post. So you definitely don't want to get circumvented.
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