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If you got a PM from me, titled Profanity..

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. I was like.... I don't think I've logged in for a year.... but I figured he just missed me. ;)
  2. Not only Wes, I assure you...not only Wes...
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  3. ignore my message, and no offense to the horse you road in on.
  4. I was very confused as well. I don't come on this site anymore as it won't let me on my phone. If you want me to cuss, catch me when I try and access this site from my iPhone!

  5. I was trying to figure out what I said.
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  6. I was just coming to see what I typed or said.......or thought I had been hacked or something

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  7. Wow - just glad to know I wasn't the ONLY one - #$%^&&* lol
  8. Was very confused. Have never even had a profound thought.
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  9. Nice to see some old faces around here.

    Good job Wes. You’re a clever guy.
  10. I already replied. Now I read your message.
  11. #metoo

    Oh my God, what have I just hash tagged?!
  12. I am offended at your offensive display. Just kidding, but what happened?:p
  13. If you use the original name for that symbol - think old phone terminology - that is a very unfortunate slogan for that movement.

    ****i am not condoning sexual assault, it’s just an observation****
  14. Thanks for the post! I was pretty confused. Got me to come back to the forums for the first time in forever though!
  15. ;)
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  16. No on the drinking but I was checking to see if I forgot some of my meds.
  17. What does circumvent mean?
  18. Whoops. I responded too. Sorry.

    Although I did flip off a troll concerning the Schloss fiasco and that was deleted. Maybe I did deserve the email from Wes. I'm usually pretty good about profanity.
  19. you're good

    sorry for this
  20. Haven’t you ever heard of a Jewish HVAC technician?
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