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Has GP lost his fastball?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. The talent gets better but we get worse.
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  2. Comfort has nothing to do with it. Gary is not comfortable with his performance, his staff etc., all you have to do is read between the lines. Gary's problem is Gary and being Gary, he doesn't know how to.
  3. Thats right. If the objective is to be competitive in the Big 12 then we’ve got what we need in what we’ve got. If the objective is to win the Big 12 and advance in the CFP....well....
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  4. While I agree with this somewhat in terms of today's game, 8 started by saying that he is looking at the last few seasons. I definitely think the last 2+ years have shown plenty of reason for concern.

    I personally don't view this as some kind of make or break season for anyone but if we don't see a winning season in 2020 after what happened in 2018 and 2019 then 2021 may absolutely be make or break.

    Hopefully we improve this year and don't get to that point.
  5. There aren't many losses in the Big 12 era in which I would blame our loss on the defense.

    2014 Baylor
    2015 Oklahoma State
    2016 Oklahoma
    2017 Oklahoma (First Game)
    2018 Oklahoma
    2018 West Virginia
    2019 Iowa State

    So of those 34 losses I'd blame 7 of the defense and 3 of them were the Oklahoma juggernaut. I have much more faith in getting our defense turned around midseason than I would our offense so I am not as pessimistic as some are. Our defensive lapses today were 100% mental, outside of a couple plays its not like Iowa State just lined up and destroyed us to move the ball. IF we can get the defensive mental lapses worked out and the offense can play like it did in the 2nd half today there is reason to have some hope.

    So many acting like the season is over after one opening loss.
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  6. And the grass is always greener....
  7. Patterson refusing to name max the starter. At this point he needs to start putting on the clown makeup, does anyone have the meme fired up?
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  8. Greener than .500 when baylor won 11 games last year... id fuggin hope so
  9. No it’s not. But if the program is content to be competitive then we’ve got the staff to do it. There’s not been too much talk about pyramids...that’s for sure.
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  10. Oh I’m sorry, is Gary the head coach or the defensive coordinator. The loss falls on the team. Imagine Lincoln Riley walking up to the podium my offense played well but defense sucks this loss isn’t on me. That’s trash man
  11. Well, it's not with 3 linemen. We just can't get pressure. Every OL we play is better in every aspect. We need 4 guys and one of them to step up and be the next QB Hunter.
  12. Yep. But I doubt we’ll see another “Cumbie presser” like last year.
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  13. I thought our pass rush was fine today. But at one point today they were really picking on Parker Workman, just like Iowa State did to us last year, running the ball right at him every play. If he can't get better at run defense then we just need to either put someone else in there or run a 3-3-5.
  14. “Why leave the nut you’ve got for one you don’t know?” -Loretta Lynn
  15. You know this but the 4-2-5 is derivative of the Stack Three. It should be easy to morph in and out of that as needed.
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  16. We're 12-14 (including the win over Pine Bluff and Grill) the last 3 years.

    Something is scheissing wrong.

    Put the scheissing guitar down.
  17. And how many of these losses would you attribute to us simply being beat at the game of football straight up by the other team, instead of beating ourselves?

    Not very many.

    Too many of our losses over the past few years are a result of beating ourselves. Started with the Ohio State game in 2018. Ever since then it seems like most of our losses are always because we decide to beat ourselves. Usually it comes from the offense but today it was the defense. Self inflicted losses are a result of lack of preparation, focus, and attention to detail.
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  18. So sounds like coaching is the culprit.
  19. The mental gymnastics I have to jump thru to only attribute the defense to Gary and the whole team to someone else pains me. Gary is paid 6 million dollars to win football games. That’s it. He’s not paid to have the least amount of yards given up on defense, but instead 6 million of those dollars go to him to win games. He ain’t winning them
  20. Everyone is complaining about pass rush and we supposedly have a rockstar 5 star from lsu. We see him 3 times. What THE ****

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