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Has GP lost his fastball?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Well, the position coach for D-line has that responsibility.
  2. We scored 27. The other was a gift.
  3. and the best bowl we have to show for that is a trip to San Antonio.
  4. great, but if I recall correctly that leading defense couldn't hold baylor, wvu, and kstate when it mattered

    do we want to look at the 2018 and 2017 season now
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  5. My only comeback to your statements is that dopey playcalling resulted in sacks and pressure. While we should expect the OT to be able to handle a DE 1-on-1, ours evidently couldn't today. So the playcalling should have gotten away from putting a player in a situation where he had a strong probability of failure: Stop the 5-wide and RTDB. Hit the TE. Make it easier on the green QB.
  6. not about stopping every play, but doing so when needed

    wvu, kstate, and baylor last year for example
  7. This is where I am. I now, more often than not, believe that when the defense absolutely has to have a stop, they won’t get it. And I’ve now come to expect or at least not be as surprised when the inevitable big plays against the defense occur.
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  8. Yep. Toss in SMU and it's a Superfecta. ISU ran through them like crap through a goose last season. Last season wasn't a good defense, especially by the standards we have been used to.
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  9. yet statistically best in the b12 which doesn't mean squat if you can't come up with key stops

    the concern is not scheme, but personnel issues at a critical point in the defense
  10. Are these trick plays?

    Hit Wells for about 9 early and never again.
  11. Patterson is now 39-34 since joining the big 12. One more mediocre season as y’all are expecting hello .500!
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  12. Given the 'cluster' that we witnessed today....does the evolving criticism,

    that continues to question the coaching staff's deficiency in preparation,

    player development and questionable play calling, have a degree of merit

    that should be challenged? Given Gary's hallowed position...probably not!
  13. Gambling I can live with: if there is a safety flying to head-hunt a QB, he makes a play and scorches us for a TD. Downside, they scored. Upside, we behead the QB. But now it feels like they either gain 5 yards on a pitch-and-catch, or destroy us with a 75 yard run. On any given play.
  14. Yeah gary is a huge gambler with his fetish for punting on the opponents 40yd line. We’ve got a regular ole Kenny Rogers on the sidelines and I’m not talking about the ex ranger that assaulted a camera man but the man that folds his cards every time he hits the 40.
  15. Not making some key stops isn't quite the same thing as the getting exposed more and more and more comment I originally responded to. We've led the conference in defense 3 years in a row and gave up 53 points in regulation in those 3 losses. If you've got a problem with that then whatever but I'll take it every damn day of the week.
  16. how many times did a tcu defense give up 40+ in the mwc or cusa?

    how many games did tcu give up 450+ in total offense?
  17. I think the biggest problem with the defense is not so much coaching, but a MASSIVE personnel problem at one position group. We are playing kids every down there that I'm not sure would be 3rd stringers at more than a few P5 schools. Yes, talent evaluation and acquisition is part of coaching but I don't believe the X's and O's, prep and play calling is the main problem.

    Offensively, I think the system just sucks. The fact that he has stuck with Cumbie as long as he has and then as the "fix" brought a guy back that he didn't deem worthy to keep a few years ago and another guy who was his best man and doesn't share the same offensive philosophy as the other two....well, I'll give it more time but that looked like a major head scratcher from the start. The kind of thing a coach does who is has gotten way too comfortable
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  18. Or that miserable play calling at the end of the first half. Kinda running out the clock; kinda hurry up; then run your qb right into a rush and give up a fumble that turns into 7 points real quick. That was a disaster
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  19. Whether you think GP has "lost his fastball" or not then I don't think this can be argued in regards to the game today.

    Hopefully we see better in the next 8 games.
  20. I don't think we really have any idea what exactly we are to be honest.

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