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Has GP lost his fastball?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. I know we have to give it a few more games, but it really looks like GP is past his prime.

    From not having an OL yet again, starting downing over duggan, giving up 37 with a supposed great defense, and the list goes on.

    not sure this program isn’t in the ditch.
  2. If so, he can always transition to the knuckle ball.
  3. Yeah, I never thought I'd be here so soon, but it feels like the Patterson era glory days are well behind us.
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  4. "We have everything we need".

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  5. They looked like a poorly coached football team.
  6. I think Patterson needs to make a shift in his defensive philosophy. More bend, less break.

    Yardage does not matter. He needs to detach his ego from the “total defense” stat.
  7. He has a statue. What more does he need.
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  8. Grammy
  9. In his defense (NPI), he didn't want the statue.

    That being said, he misses Dick Bumpas. Badly.
  10. Releasing songs and building statue.

    shark, meet the fonz
  11. It’s like watching Bartolo colon on the mound with no ability to changes speeds. A fat man throwing 75 mph meatballs and doesnt spit up or change speeds.

    goes without saying I hope he doesn’t ruin duggans career. The kid is the real deal.

    hey patterson thanks for starting downing the first half, I love losing!
  12. Welcome to the clown show and Patterson is honking his nose
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  13. GP and his gang of good ol' boy buddies putting out what is unfortunately becoming the usual again. All he needs to do is bring back Shultz, and the band will be bad together again...
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  14. One thing that is for certain, Matt Campbell is a better coach than GP at this point in their careers, and it’s not even close.

    With that being said, we didn’t have the benefit of a tune up game like ISU did (which they lost). There is still 8 games to go. Let’s see how things shake out.
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  15. I must say that was very disappointing. We have much better athletes and our D just got pushed around. GP needs to right this ship because that was pathetic.
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  16. Not for nothing....the way things have gone over the last three years I'd park that guitar schtik for a while.
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  17. especially defensively
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  18. Hey guys if I told you we had over 500 yds and scored 34....and lost. Would you believe me. Welcome to the Patterson & Glasgow clown show. Where 50yd runs after they break the line are every other play!
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  19. while some on this board were gushing all about the things written about two frog safeties there were others of us who kept raising the question about the defensive ends

    what we saw today was a continuation of the problems from last year and i am concerned if there are answers on the roster

    forget what you saw from the tcu defense prior to the big 12 because tcu was rarely overmatched in the lines

    since joining the big 12 the frogs have been competitive defensively when they could match up in the lines
  20. Even down to not playing Evans. Why would a 5* come here so he could sit behind guys like Emari and Miller. Not that it matters with that [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] OL, hut at some point we have to start to play the recruiting game to get the tops guys.

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