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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. If I’m using bbq sauce I’d always prefer it be vinegar based and a bit spicy. That Alabama mayo sauce is the grossest [ #2020 ] ever.
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  2. Alabama white BBQ sauce is delicious on poultry and salmon and not much else. I eat it with Turkey all the time.
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  3. Gross. Mayo is the devil.
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  4. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. All the COVID restrictions have made this even harder to come to terms with, as the calling hours and funeral were limited and my grandmother and uncles/aunt are all in various forms of quarantine right now.

    So, against the odds our friend has pulled through for now. One of the experimental drugs had a positive impact on him and he's now off a ventilator and responsive. He just moved hospitals to one better equipped for long-term care, so they're very hopeful that he'll be returning home soon. That would be excellent.
  5. Wonderful news.
  6. sending the positive vibes! Good luck to everyone
  7. Yah I can get down with the white sauce on some pulled pork!
  8. Feel like I should urban dictionary’ this phrasing but askeert of phone aids
  9. The thin, spicy, black pepper+vinegar sauce from the south of Georgia is great on pulled pork. Used to come across bottles of it from Waycross area.
    Also love mustard base sauces.
  10. Disgusting
  11. Gross.

    Your taste buds should put you on a terrorist watch list.
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  12. Big fan of Carolina style. And Memphis. Texas is good. Good to have a mix. Get a whole new respect for sauces when you roll through upstate and into NC.
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  13. Was thinking sorta the same thing last Monday ... on the 30 year anniversary of Home Alone.
  14. Phrasing
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  15. Well hell.
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  16. It’s so good!
  17. Pulled pork is NOT BBQ, I don’t give a [ #2020 ] what kind of sauce you put on it.
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  18. This is a an out of nowhere take. Weird and terrible opinion.
  19. Screenshot_20201123-214122_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Will Muschamp got paid a lil more than $19mil for sucking at his job.

    I chose the wrong career path.:(
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