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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I used to have these specialty "GO TCU" license plates but let my registration be expired for over 2 months and someone else rightfully got my plates. Completely my fault.

    Just curious if another KFC member was the lucky beneficiary. Anyone?
  2. If you really want to find out who has them...


    It's not free, but it's not terribly pricey.
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  3. I believe you can probably grab DOOSH, it should still be available+
  4. Why would it be available Purple PainD? Did you not renew it again for this year?
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  5. Ouch!
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  6. Guy in Aledo has it now per publicdata.com(I have an acccount.)
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  7. Big Frog II, you need to change your signature to say "At TCU we now recruit 3 and 4 star players and turn them into players with NFL contracts!"
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  8. Dang, got me. Riddle me this -
    1. When is it ok for a guy to have personalized plates, regardless of message?
    2. Are you a Fast and Furious fan?
    3. Do you have custom rims, lights, muffler sound effect, or other gay sound effects on you Acura Integra?
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  9. Thanks!
  10. That can only mean ONE thing......J Gray is gonna be a Frog! You should see who has ASSMAN.
  11. No, I haven't gotten the lawnmower exhaust for the Integra yet but I have the purple neon lights underneath and you should see my 19 inch rims on the dropped suspension. Did I mention the carbon fiber hood yet?

    I actually thought about trying to register ASSMAN but it was taken! Dangit!
  12. You have to receive it on accident. Duh.
  13. Ironically, ReedFrawg often refers to me as "You're an ASSMAN!" so I thought you must know me! :)

    PurplePainD, just because you don't like custom license plates doesn't mean you should bag on those who do, especially if you don't know them. Not real cool.

    So tired of people on this board calling people out and just being jerks for no reason. Has someone been kicking your dog your whole life?

    If you were a little more confident in yourself, you wouldn't feel threatened by those who are different or like different things than you do.
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  14. Internet street toughs. "We are taking the armoir!"
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  15. My new plates...

    File wouldn't upload but the new plates say "FROGGYS"
  16. Got a black background personalized Texas license plate for the same cost of a regular black plate, so had TCU put on there followed by 3 numbers. Thought that wasn't too out there for a custom plate.
  17. I have the TCU plates from my plates, but they are not customized, just random numbers.

  18. Tough love Billups. Doosh patrol is a free service I try to provide to better the lives of all KFc members. A lot of people exhibit dooshy behavior without realizing it, so pointing it out is actually doing them a favor since their friends and loved ones don't do it.

    Bonus tip of the day: Playing frisbee or tossing a football with your shirt off in a public setting (e.g. tailgate, etc)is marginally acceptable while in school. Not cool in your late 20's or 30's regardless of your physical condition. Had to point this out to some Lambda Chi's from TCU at the OU game a few years back...
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  19. well done. I think the Keep Texas Wild horned frog with random numbers are a nice touch

  20. Same thing here.

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