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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Upper decker?
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  2. I’m so sorry. Prayers for you and your loved ones. I can’t imagine.
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  3. Sorry to hear. I’m afraid we might be going through something similar with my wife’s uncle. Has heart and diabetes and was taken to the hospital two days ago. Now have Covid and pneumonia
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Has this been answered yet?
  6. This didn’t age well.
  7. Best way is in a bong. Rolling papers get soggy from the corn juice.
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  8. Around page 7518 a few too many of you jackwads believed I only had one arm.
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  9. Thanks for the laugh from the way back machine. Missed that one in real time. You should’ve drug out the bit longer
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    Thanks for the kindness regarding my job change discussion. Had a couple discussions. My direct boss was cool and supported my request for the timing I requested. My director, who I had reported directly to for 15 years, was a bit harder to read. I've heard new employees who I introduced to him say they thought he doesn't like them; he can come across that way so not 100% sure what to make of my conversation. Oh well.

    Might have also been the fact that I built the systems that made him look good all these years so he's sorry to see me go. Not too concerned either way. It was cordial if nothing else.

    Talked to a top executive, whose response, in a word, was "[ #2020 ]". Had a good discussion with him and that helped reinforce the good I've done and the reason I'm leaving.

    Lots of good words when I broke the news to my staff, which was most important to me. And best, when I spoke with my new employer to formally sign the offer, was told I gave one of the best interviews they've seen. That's huge to know I'm on the same page as them.

    On to new pastures soon with a very good company. My regret is that MN restaurants are closed for at least four weeks, so not sure I'll have an option to go out for a farewell lunch.
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  11. Good luck. I can’t imagine staying at a large corporation 20 years, so good on you
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  12. Unless I went to somebody's house and did that, it wouldn't be found for months. And maybe by the new tenants.
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  13. Grunge is the best musical genre ever, pulled pork is better than brisket, and the Oxford comma sucks.

    Buckle up, we’ll be there by morning.
  14. To be fair, that was probably before people on here got to liking you. Wait a minute, what am I saying. Of course it was. It would have to be.
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  15. Liked for "the Oxford comma sucks."

    Serious question, is it still considered an Oxford comma when the second comma is used to split apart a part of the sentence that uses "and" in between two terms just before the us of another "and" that seperates the final part? Is that comma really even allowed? Why can't we just use and or or instead of commas?
    How many calories are in a bowl of jello? Why is the sky blue? If a bear [ #2020 ]s in the woods and nobody smells it, is it a fern? Is a bird in the hand really worth two in the bush? If a cumulus cloud dips to 999 feet, does it have its membership revoked?
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  16. Both appear to be immortal...like Keith Richards....
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  17. Corso. Bogart can still sound young when he needs to.

    Was on business in Alabama and caught an ad for Power South cooperative (energy provider). Voice over sounded very familiar. After about 5 seconds it hit me that it was Sam Bogart.
  18. It would be strange if you had met me in person but still wondered if I only had one arm. Wouldn’t be a great reflection on my ability to make a first impression.
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