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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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When my daughter was about 8 years old, I went to pick her up from summer day camp and the counselor told me that she had got in trouble for not wanting to let a little girl her age play with her and some friends because she looked funny. The little girl had lost all of her hair from cancer treatments. I about lost it on the spot. I told her but for the grace of God goes you. I made her buy some flowers and a gift and write an apology note to give to the little girl the next day. I told my daughter if the camp counselor doesn’t tell me that you did not play with her everyday and that she better treat her like best friend that she would be grounded for life. I was mad at her for weeks for embarrassing herself and our family and she knew it. My wife thought I overreacted but I guarantee that did not happen again and they were friends for the rest of the summer. The counselor told me they played together all day every day and the little girl was so happy. Nothing wrong with discipline and good character building, like Frog to be Named Later said.


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Darth Vader was a bad dad...