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Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Oakland probably had this under control and decided to let it fly after AB scheissed them over.
  2. In my line of work the joke has always been that you can file a lien on anything. I always thought it was hyperbole but now I've learned that you can put a lien on a [ hundin]
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  3. Finally got a post removed by a mod! First time in 15 years
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  4. You’d be surprised how many posts they change without you ever knowing it. It’s absurd.
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  5. Big Brother always watching. Weird how flaming is never enforced though
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  6. Clicks.

    I think all of the Steel Frog personas are here to fire up the masses when the board is slow. The obvious ones can’t be legitimate.
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  7. You think his agent negotiated free product for him? If so, kudos to him.
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  8. BoilermakerD
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  9. Well, a post I made is missing. All I said that a visiting poster sucked, but I suppose that's enough to have something taken down.
  10. Yah you can’t talk ship to “opposing fans” who come here solely to flame. It’s weird.
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  11. It shouldn’t be. The rules are applied erratically.

    I have a post right now that I’m expecting to be deleted.
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  12. Baylor Dan. Smooth. Baylor Dan’s Brother JimJoeBob or whatever.
  13. Welcome to the club!
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    Rodman: abandonment issues, homelessness, jail, failure, non athlete, bullied, victim, loser, confused, shy, kind hearted, determined, bad boy, superstar, cross dressing, champion, attempted suicide, redemption, attention seeker, depression, alcoholism, confused, conflicted, imperfect, odd, and real.
    A truly phenomenal and odd human being.

    Edit - I have some absolutely bat ship crazy Rodman stories that have been told through the years. He is far from a choir boy, but one heck of a fascinating person.
  15. Kinda built in as a business cost when you review food.
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  16. Saw this on the way home from lunch (apologize that the photo isn't more readable):


    It's one of those family group decals...but the silhouette of the Daddy figure has been scraped off.

    Handwritten edit has been added: An arrow pointing to where the Daddy ought to be and says "Position Open."

    (Didn't have a chance to see the Mommy, but if she's got that many kids and animals, I wouldn't be interested in applying.)
  17. Most of us would probably just go to experience the interview, then decline the job offer.
  18. Goodnight t Boone
  19. Where was Gundy between the hours of 12 am and 1 pm?
  20. We can't?
    Oh ...
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