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Happy Masters Week

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Man we have some glass house owners in this thread. I hope none of you has ever wronged someone in your life and if you did, I hope they forgave you and moved on
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  2. It's also an entirely different world with a lot more scrutiny.

    Tiger has a massive charitable foundation but some focus on an internet story about him not paying for someone's lunch.
  3. Speaking of golf, anyone know what’s going on with Herb Stevens ? Saw Estridge’s tweet.
  4. The whole cheating and his wife beating him with a golf club thing doesn't mean much to me. In fact, the whole thing is kind of funny. My thing with him has always been his arrogance. Even at Stanford he seemed like a miserable person to be around. Glad he's more humble now but I have more respect for people who always were.
  5. He was a royal a-hole as well.
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    When “fat Jack” first started winning everything the crowds of Arnies Army were not always nice to him and his reaction didn’t help

    Jack was always a great father also - flying back home at night to watch his sons play basketball or whatever - but that time away meant he wasn’t as chummy with the sportswriters like Mr Jenkins, et al - so they didn’t always cast him in the best light and in a period where tv coverage of golf was still limited that swayed a lot of people and seemed to jade Nicklaus

    The sportswriters loved Arnie - even keeping his secrets when needed - and Dan loved Arnie more than anyone- they almost made each other meeting to swap stories under the big Magnolia tree at Augusta

    It’s hard for people to understand but Arnie was every bit as popular as Tiger is today with those that followed golf back then - and maybe more so because he was the best player and the most like able combined before Jack

    So it took a while for people to even give Jack a chance and his self belief that he was the best ever served him well in becoming the GOAT but not in winning over the fans
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    Ship load of talent for sure, but no one brings ratings to golf like Tiger. I’d imagine he’ll have a gum sponsor after this weekend and every golfer will have a mouth full of hubba bubba.

    EDIT from a year ago, but I’d imagine this was no different this year.
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  8. Exactly
  9. LOL. There's a difference between wronging someone and just plain scheissing them over and over and over. And over and over and over. And over and over and over.
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  10. In my country people who play golf know one American golf player (Tiger Woods) and a few from home country playing professional.
  11. I’m a fan of redemption, therefore I’m a fan of tiger winning today. Great story and good for the game.
  12. And not buying their lunch?
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    Congrats to Tiger. Admired his talent going back more than 20 years ago but haven't rooted for him in almost as long because of his phoneyness. What he did today was pretty darn amazing though. For a while a few years ago I thought he'd never win again, let alone a major. Augusta sets up well for him though. He can tee off into the trees but still have an opening. I'm sure Francesco and Brooks wish they could have a do-over on 12. But that's golf.
  14. You know who I wish had lived long enough to see this?
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  15. I can’t imagine his last name does him any favors.
  16. guessing his pocketbook overcomes that...
  17. Hard to know how much of his new image is just for pr sake. Historically, he has been a much bigger ahole, compared to other pro golfers. And that is saying something. Was it great play at this tourney, yes. Is he now a quality person? Jury is likely still out for many people.
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  18. Personally, I like to root for Underdogs. When Tiger was dominant, I usually rooted for his closest competition. His comeback has been compelling. I still don’t like his refusal to play Colonial though.
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  19. I think the Colonial issue is now because he plays a limited schedule as anything and we are at the wrong place in the schedule.

    He hasn't played the Byron in years (after Mr Nelson passed basically) either for the same reason.

    Early in his career the Amex vs MasterCard was a problem and the Fuzzy thing didn't help - and by the time that was water under the bridge, he was already successful enough to only play the events that helped setup his major schedule.

    It will be interesting to see how the schedule changes affect our field at Colonial over the next few years.

    I have a bigger problem with Michelson not coming to Colonial than I do Tiger. A past multiple champion that doesn't show up for whatever bs reason he wants to pick this year shows is worse than Tiger basically never coming back after 1997.

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