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Happy Masters Week

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Probably would have yelled about kids on his lawn or something.
  2. He’d remind everyone Hogan almost died and came back to win majors.
  3. I bumped my own post. Mild brag!!
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  4. I always wanted tiger to win. Anyone who didn't should take a look in the mirror before they cast a stone
  5. Will never understand why people like Tiger and want him to win. Obviously any one who does is entitled to that opinion and I’m not going to tell them they are wrong. I just don’t get it.
  6. A great golfer but a sad human being. I don't know of anyone that has done 1% of the horrible things he did to his family, wife, kids, associates and hoes.I can easily look in the mirror and know that I've never treated anyone as badly as Tiger did.

    You know it is possible to be both a great golfer and a good human being, right?
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  7. Ditto.
  8. Except none of us actually knows him. You have only heard the story the media has told
  9. I admire talent.
    And I believe in forgiveness and second chances.
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  10. Like I said, nothing wrong with your opinion. I just don’t share it at all. I believe in forgiveness as well. But eventually a person is what he is.
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  11. Wonder if he still makes the Navy Seals split the tab with him
  12. I don't get it either. Talent is undeniable, he is without question IMO the best to ever do it. But he is pretty much an ass. And the way I look at it, there were 10 or so guys out there today with a chance to win and a handful of them seem like really good dudes. So I root for them. Why wouldn't I?
  13. I'm fairly sure the media didn't make up everything he supposedly did.
  14. I heard that tiger colluded with Russia to win the Masters. Then he destroyed his hard drives and deleted all the emails so he wouldn’t get caught.
  15. Key words. I don't hang out with any of them.

    For me, I'm watching golf. And Tiger is the most talented and electrifying player out there.

    If you qualify who you cheer for with "nice person who treats other people well" you probably can't find a single sports team to back, and you'd have to do an awful lot of research to ensure a guy was up to your standard.

    The fact (if it really is a fact) that Tiger didn't pay for someone's lunch doesn't make me want to cheer against him.
  16. Tiger, Tiger Woods!

    I don't condone cheating but what else has he done that I'm missing? Banged a couple skanks? Didn't pay for a lunch?
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  17. I don’t agree with how Tiger lives his life off the course during his prime at all, but I’m all for giving him another chance. You can really tell he’s made a huge effort to live his life in a different way and is doing everything in his power to build relationships with his golfing peers. A perfect example of how much he has touch and changed is Ian Poulter waiting for him before he signed his scorecard. I know others were there as well, but him and Ian aren’t close at all and it shows that the respect level is a lot different between Tiger and his competitors.
  18. LOL at the glass houses people live in.
  19. it would be hard to be a sports fan if the moral high road is required to like a person or a team these days

    When Tiger dominated it was boring and he was a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about it and to people around the game including fans

    Now that he has become human again and has found some humility and seems to appreciate what he has in life - it’s easier to root for him

    Same thing happen with Jack - he was hard to like when he was beating the greatest man to play the game - King Arnold - even though it was impossible to ignore that Jack was the greatest golfer of his day

    But as he got older, Jack mellowed and became a lot more like able also - age seems to make some things not matter anymore like proving you are the best at all costs and others that didn’t matter as much like friend and family become the pinnacle of importance
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  20. Jack was before my time, so it’s hard to imagine his younger self. Now he seems like the perfect gentleman and ambassador.

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