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GoFrogs: TCU men's basketball opens season against CS-Bakersfield

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Bane crashing boards (6 already). Need to get him going on O.
  2. We need Samuel to play to his size in the paint

    Sure he will grow into it but right now he is getting out muscled by the Bakersfield big man and even by Bane on the boards

    But he is a big kid for sure
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  3. My bad, guys.
  4. He’s lost more weight than I realized which is good. Now he just needs to build his strength and will be fine. Forget how young this team is still.
  5. I think we're all guilty then.
  6. Ok, that's just silly.
  7. Free throws are anything but free when TCU is shooting them.
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  8. Ok so I never played any sort of organized basketball. Do colleges and teams not practice free throws? Because we have been consistently bad to horrible at shooting FT with the exception of Vlad.
  9. Bigs need to finish at the rim.
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  10. Dude, what % are we on FT's?
  11. Shooting is below zero.
  12. Geez - we aren’t going to shoot our entire team out of the 3 pt slump in one night

    Drive inside
  13. It was mentioned earlier in the broadcast that Robinson focused on FTs all offseason. Let’s see if he gets better.
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  14. Free foul for the other team about 50% of the time
  15. 56%
  16. 12 minuets left. 37.8% FG. 21.4% 3 Pt 56.3 % ft
  17. Still getting out hustled.
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  18. According to KenPom's rankings there are a grand total of 2 teams worse than CSU-B on our schedule.

    Needless to say, don't want to start the season in a hole like this.
  19. Cut it to 2 and we have two bad possession to take the lead. I guess it’s good to get this experience? Wasn’t expecting it to be in this game

    Refs are calling everything.
  20. JBM is still in love with that corner three that he rarely sinks, I see

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