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GoFrogs: TCU men's basketball opens season against CS-Bakersfield

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Channel on TV kemosabi.
  2. We calling this the game thread?

  3. FYI: queue up Fox Sports Go. Not sure if FSSW+ will cut away from this volleyball game (that won't be done by 8) to carry our basketball game or not.
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  4. It’s the season opener where is everybody? I can’t believe we can’t fill up the Scholl.
  5. nailed it

  6. DIRECTV channel 683 until volleyball over.
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  7. Thanks
  8. Game is still not listed on my fox sports app
  9. Still can't get back on defense.
  10. 661 direct tv.

    Lot of empty seats.
  11. I don't get 661 or 683. Thanks Obama.
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  12. Good to hear Robinson has worked on FT shooting in the offseason.
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  13. Students showed up
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  14. Defense is rough. We clearly have more talent—just sloppy.
  15. They should be planted squarely behind visitor bench. Behind family of course.
  16. Yuat has to make that inside.
  17. Looking forward to seeing Davis and Archie who just checked in.
  18. 412 on Dish, Fox Sports SW.
  19. Dang. Bakersfield 4-5 from 3 to start the game.

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