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GoFrogs: TCU men's basketball opens season against CS-Bakersfield

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Probable starting five with some surprises (due to injuries):

    G Robinson
    G Bane
    G Nembhard
    F Miller
    C Samuel
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  2. By conference I think that will be a lot different of a starting 5. I agree that is what we will probably use for the time being.
  3. I expect Miller to be a strong presence off the bench come conference time.
  4. Is Noi hurt? Have heard nothing if he is.
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  5. G Fisher / Robinson
    G Bane
    F Noi
    F Alok
    F Samuel
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  6. My favorite player is Desmond Bane.
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  7. Can you elaborate on “injuries”?
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  8. If someone wouldn't mind doing a quick breakdown on the bball team, that would be awesome.... My limited understanding:

    PG - Robinson / Fisher (interchangeable)
    G - Bane / Nembhard
    SF - Miller / Noi / Archie
    PF - Alok / McWilliam / Mayen
    C - Samuel / McWilliam

    And as Moose suggested, giving an idea of who is hurt would be great. Assuming some combination of Alok, McWilliam and Mayen must be hurt
  9. I have my Wog sweater, Elite 8 ring, popcorn, and RC cola ready for tonight.
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  10. Will we have hoops game threads on the forum similar to football threads this season?

    Edit: meaning threads created by 1999 or a forum mod or something.
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  11. Noi will start if he isn’t hurt, which I’ve not heard a word of. I think Kendric Davis will be backing up ARob until Jaylen is back. Why do people keep posting about injuries, not to say there aren’t any, when no word has been mentioned about them.
  12. When know Fisher is out. Lat Mayan has just started practicing again and McWilliam is practicing thru minor injury. I have no clue if there is a player that isn’t available besides Fisher because everyone played in the scrimmage with the exception of Jaylen.
  13. Would like to see them work Davis in, give home some PT during these early games while Fisher is out. Maybe not ready but I think he could be valuable allowing both ARob and Fisher a breather as the season progresses. Has potential to be pretty dynamic IMO. Also would like to see Dixon get clever with how he uses ARob, moving him around, setting him up for his strengths.
  14. Davis is going to be better than ARob before he’s done. Can score and facilitate. ARob needs to be the guy who runs the offense, that is his strength, because he’s not the three point threat that others are. I really want to see Mayen play because he is a total mystery.
  15. Will this game be televised? If so, where ch channel please?
  16. Good grief. *which channel *
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    Yes. Fox Sports Go online (or mobile) and Fox Sports Southwest Plus on TV.
  18. FSSW+. What?
  19. From the notes section:

    "For just the second time in school history, TCU will begin the season ranked in the Associated Press Top 25. The last time the Frogs were ranked in the preseason was when they were No. 24 prior to the start of the 1998-99 season."

    So not even the seasons in the 80s with CJD as a player were they preseason top 25 in the AP poll. Who woulda thunk it.

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