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Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cyclones (Game Moved to 1PM)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Get out of here. Too bad we didn't show up in the first half.
  2. TD...Let’s go..Just sling it
  3. You’re right. I hate it.
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  4. Is it too late or can the Frogs make some magic here in Ames? 35-24 Frogs down. 9:01 left to play.
  5. Need to force a turnover.
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  6. ...but Gary's defense would be on the field to much then...
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  7. Duggan does it again. Great to see. If the Defense can come alive, this game could get interesting.
  8. Anyone else think it’s weird that Reagor and Duggan don’t celebrate together after TDs?
  9. If our defense was better, I'd have some faith, but damn our defensive ends and linebacker opposite Wallow just dont have it to help us complete this rally
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  10. LMAO, I warned you in advance. LOL
  11. Only took the Frogs 82 seconds to go 71 yards for the TD.
  12. I think it’s obvious Reagor doesn’t exactly love the QB situation
  13. I think Raegor is so pissed off right now he wouldn't celebrate if Tom Brady was throwing him TD passes.
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  14. I would be tempted to go onside kick or one of those where you pooch it beyond the first line of defenders.
  15. $100 we score again and lose by 3 and Gary says something about the fumble/TD and the defense played well enough to win or some [ #2020 ].
  16. Again, why the hell did we wait so long to run this offense?

    Either Cumbie has no idea how to plan and call a game OR GP has been in the way.
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  17. Since I switched to whiskey, we've scored 3 touchdowns. Pouring another.
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  18. Max is going to be so damn good as he continues to get experience
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  19. That sack/fumble return for TD hurts right about now.....
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  20. Frogs now have 221 passing yards to the Cyclones 215 yards

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