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Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cyclones (Game Moved to 1PM)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. For many, this has been several seasons in the making. When there was not a real big change in offense at the end of last season, many held their breath. I would love to see Cumbie call a scheme that matches the second half of Smu, quarter of Kansas and the middle of today's second half. Because Max looked very comfortable at that tempo and we were moving it and slinging down field. It has worked well every time. Sonny needs to trust himself and just turn it loose.
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  2. I meant statement by either getting things righted a bit or going completely off the rails.
  3. I get the feeling TCU post GP, becomes a stepping stone job moving forward, which would be a tragedy. Get a guy in here who can’t do ship, fire him, get a guy who does well, then moves to a bigger flashier program with more stadium seats, and then it becomes a bit of a revolving door.
  4. Define OK. Because right now things look very bleak.
  5. FWIW GP said 5 years if I remember correctly to recruit the depth needed. On paper it’s improved, but any injury seems to spiral this thing. And TCU seems to be the only team in America that has been young for 7 years straight.
  6. few teams have the numbers of injuries at the level of injuries we have in the recent seasons. someone will always post the list of teams currently injured, but won't answer the question about who has had the continued amount of injuries we have had each year.
  7. I don't have that feeling at all.
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  8. I wonder sometimes if we have that many more injuries or do we have more than our fair share of players who won’t or aren’t allowed to play banged up. Perhaps a Listenbee effect
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  9. I hope you’re right.
  10. I am afraid that some of it is a "won't" more than it is "aren't allowed". Whether it is trusting it to come back or whatever, who knows? but the lack of hunger is obvious. Need a lot of the previous years stars to come in and get on these players like other power 5 programs do. White would come back and blast them for not swarming to the ball.
  11. Same here.
    We have great facilities and big time money. My bigger worry is too many of the booster world do not realize that and would cling to a sinking ship.

    But, I still think if GP will make the obvious needed coaching changes, it will get better. But will he do it? Recently, that just seems very in doubt. If that story is true about him considering Meach and then backing off because others on the staff (who are not producing the needed results) were concerned about personality, then it was a bad move. That decision should be based on what he wants. If others don't like it, oh well, win more.
    You don't get the room in the Power 5 you get in a group of 5. If this keeps up, he will be on a hot seat. Hopefully, today was a red flag he saw.
    The look on his face after the wrestling match near the end of the game was pretty telling. I can see Cumbie gone if we don't win 9 games. Never seen Patterson this angry on the sidelines at a coach so often.
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  12. It will never be a destination job as our attendance is too inconsistent.
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  13. The family is hoping he gets to travel and see some playtime against Kansas State and/or Texas game. I'd really love to see him out there. He and/or Collins will give us the best shot at an "air raid". I'd love to see it.
  14. Gary will not let Cumbie run tempo.
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  15. Then why did he hire him and let Cumbie recruit for 5 years to that type of offense? If I was Cumbie and GP pulled that tirade at me on the sideline, I would hit him right in the mouth as hard as I could - of course no job, but I've got some stashed away. GP needs to look into the mirror and while he's at it, reinvent himself as he is always talking about it because his present self ain't working.

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