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Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cyclones (Game Moved to 1PM)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Very plausible nightmare
  2. I have a feeling they would if we were winning.
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  3. Actually, 2 stops
  4. Exactly. If you're only gonna play one half, make it the first one.
  5. Cumbie makes his offensive adjustment a full quarter after the other team..Happens every week..
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  6. Iowa State with the fair catch. ISU ball at the 25. Need some stops here.
  7. No. Although it wouldn’t shock me at all if you asked Max privately and he told you he though JR was a total [ Arschloch].
  8. Risk averse=reward averse

    Not saying Cumbie/Duggan can pilot an elite offense but this team isn’t built to win 10-7 games.
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  9. Gary doesn’t want to give his defense a short field
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  10. Lang with a big run up the middle. 9 yard gain.
  11. The matador defense.
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  13. Lang again on the carry for a 1st down. Gain of 8.
  14. Man the DL is killing us.....cmon guys
  15. Need a turnover!
  16. Not taking such a sure bet. Why dont you just ask me to use my mom's retirement to buy swamp land?
  17. You know they’re going to run it and you get gashed for 10 on the first play!
  18. Flags. Offsides #94 Frogs. 5 yard penalty. 1st down.
  19. Gary. Your defense SUCKS!
  20. Our best lineman are our DTS and we pull them out cor this 3 man line nonsense

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