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Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cowboys (too early edition)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. The first time we played Kansas, in conference, was close...if memory serves.
  2. Anybody ever figure out how to Tuna fish?
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    They mentioned on tv he’s been nursing a right wrist problem. Might explain a lot.
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    Dan Jenkins had a line in Semi-tough when Billy Clyde tries an end run and gets stuffed, gets up slowly, and then says to his o-linemen, "I thought they were only allowed 11 players".
  5. which makes perfect sense with what we have seen in the inconsistency he has shown in throwing the ball since the kstate game

    gary has said he is healthy, but i don't think anyone believe gary is going to say a player is hurt and can't play effectively in a press conference

    the one who i put more faith in on this was jeremy as he has said he has been told max is healthy, but he also keeps telling us there is a stephen brown package that we will see this year
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  6. Grateful I didn’t post in this thread during the first half or after our 4th fumble. Glad we won
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  7. To me "healthy" means healthy enough to play. It's doesn't actually mean healthy.
  8. thought you were done on this matter

    agree there is a difference between healthy and well, but healthy to me means you can play your position effectively
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  9. 76 scheissing pages! Very impressive!
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    It may well be, on your part, the triumph of hope over experience.
  11. I don't have any scheissing clue how to feel about this season as a whole, but right now am just enjoying the scheiss out of beating another top 15 team.

    And for the inevitable "oh but OSU isn't actually that good" crowd - Some of you scheissers just need to learn to enjoy a scheissing win instead of immediately looking for every reason why it's not actually all that good.

  12. SMH. Just making a general observation on what I think healthy means in terms of a football player.

  13. The 2-0 part is a really odd stat when you think about who we've played.
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  14. BYU/Coastal was maybe the most entertaining game I've watched all year. What an ending.
  15. BYU came within 1 yard of a winning td on the final play. C Carolina wins it 22-17
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  16. Watched every play since I got home
    Was pulling for the Coogs. One of the best games all year.
  17. That Coastal Carolina Coach is going to be rich.
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  18. Same. That Coastal bunch got after it but I found them annoying me as the game wore on.
  19. Suck it, Cougs.
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  20. bama is going to be able to name the score on lsu

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