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Gameday Thread: TCU vs Cowboys (too early edition)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Yawn. Stretch.
    I need coffee
  2. I scheissing hate 11am games!! Let's Go Frogs!
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  3. Are you a closer?
  4. I scheissing love 11am games!! Let’s Go Frogs!
  5. A good day to be in the sun.
  6. Conwright, S Williams, Coker, Myers all out today.
  7. My wife says yes.
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  8. Waiting for the kickers to vacate the field for the coin toss.

    Team sorta jogged out of the tunnel.
  9. Coin Toss... OSU calls tails... it's heads and TCU wins the toss and will defer
  10. Kickoff 15:00 1Q

    Taken at the goal line and has a hole right down the middle of the coverage, finally taken down at the OSU 30
  11. 1st and 10 OSU from the 27

    Handoff to the left side of the line, gang tackled after a gain of 2
  12. OSU players all pissed about Mike Gundy's shirt yet none eveb stopped getting ready for the game during the unity video.
  13. 2nd and 8

    Quick pass to the edge picks up 3
  14. 3rd and 5

    Handoff and Wallow is there to make the big stop! Frogs hold.
  15. Wallow playing downhill! Nice play!
  16. 4th and 6

    Kick fielded by Davis, makes the first two cowboys miss but can't find the edge. Tackled at the Frog 20
  17. 1st and 10 Frogs from the 20

    Pass play to being to Pro Wells, a Cowboy mugs him, drops the ball and no flag?!
  18. 2nd and 10

    Pitch to Evans who gets his second start, and goes for 5

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