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GameDay Thread: TCU at West Virginia

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanRoman, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Max missed Barber wide open in the end zone. Can't hit the RB on a short swing pass so that he doesn't stumble at the 10 yard line. Evans didn't make a catch on a long pass. Moehrig fumbles the punt. Max throws an interception inside the 10.

    None of that is on the coaches.
  2. There is no consistency with this program, and the coaches are to blame for that imo. I do think the time has come for some new blood to take the coaching reins. This program is stagnant, and has been for a while now. So predictable. So frustrating to watch.

    I think the talent is there.

    Out with the old and in with the new I say.....
  3. I have no idea
  4. Gary's postgame comments piss me off more than the in game coaching.
  5. Completely useless. This is a Gary problem and he needs to move a completely different direction with offensive staff for next season or move aside. Never thought I would be there, but here we are.

    as to the “statue” comments, he did not want it while he was still coaching, but the donor made that call.
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  6. Max did underperform today no doubt.
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  7. I figured it was. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said anything.
  8. I don’t know what happened in the last 36 hours but he mentioned that and of course nobody asked him to clarify
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  10. Where can we find his post game comments. It used to be tweeted. But I haven’t seen them.
  11. I hate losing, but WV was the far superior team today. Fewer mistakes, big plays.

    We lacked in that department. We didn't make the big play when needed.
  12. Let's hope.
  13. The ones I'm pissed about are a few pages back.
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  14. Time for a margarita.

    Adios amigos!
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  15. Well we know you don't know a darn thing about darning pancakes you darner. Or punctuation and capitalization.
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  16. Can someone articulate a few reasonable steps that each of us could take now that in aggregate could help bring about change in the offensive coaching staff and scheme? Do we all call Donati’s office on Monday morning en masse to respectfully but firmly demand change? Do we call Gary’s office and do the same?
  17. So frustrated I turned off the radio. What did he say?
  18. I think it's obvious that we need someone to murder Doug Meacham, Jarrett Anderson, Sonny Cumbie, and Jerry Kill
  19. For context on “the coaches did a food job” comment, he said he felt like the coaches did a good job given the circumstances of the last 36 hours. He mentioned strep throat and flu and whatever else goes around this time of year.

    Sounded to me he was referencing injuries and sickness, GP was giving praise to the coaches for whatever they did to manage those things in a short time before kick off.

    Not saying I agree or disagree with his comment, just elaborating on what that comment was specific to.

    He didn’t just say “yah we got our ass kicked and the coaches did a good job.” For those wondering.
  20. I say we call Urban Meyer.
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