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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Still winning FDs and TOP. KSU has only gained 30 yards this half. But they didn’t need more than that.
  2. I think I know why Gary’s song is titled “Take a Step Back”... yeah the team sure did Gary
  3. 2nd and 7

    Pressure up the middle, pass complete to a falling over receiver for the first down at the TCU 45
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  4. Blitzing a bad team gave up all defensive points. That’s coaching from mr riverboat
  5. 1st and 10

    QB read, decided to keep it and immediately regretted his decision. Loss of 1
  6. Like Patterson and his staff, I’m done with this year.
  7. K St. QB 17 of 18 completions.
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  8. Watching this offense is like watching a Jason Garrett offense.
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  9. They are playing without their QB. We're not even in this game.
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  10. 2nd and 11

    Deep pass incomplete but they’re going to call holding on KState
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  11. May be the mountain west can take us back so we can be competitive in a conference again.
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  12. Holding them. Dramatic
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  13. Puts the ball on the KState 46 and brings up 2nd and 21
  14. I agree and (to that point) as I said earlier, I wonder what the Sonny Dykes show would have produced. I cannot fathom (having played college ball myself) how this offensive three-coach (actually four, given Gary just called for Max to hop back in) thingy majiggy works. I would mess with my head.
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  15. 2nd and 21

    Handoff up the middle, short gain
  16. I find our offensive line play offensive!
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  17. Never though I'd see the day when I just wanted us to at least be decent.
  18. ...Without the pizzazz and execution.
  19. 3rd and 20


    Pass complete but three Frogs there to tackle him after a gain of 4

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