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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

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  2. Because no one WANTS to be in Mississippi.
  3. when you ask players to operate in situations they just don't have the ability to work in with the wide splits, refuse to make a defense stop the run by just not calling down hill run plays when you have success, refuse to chip, keep a back in who can block etc...you should expect a disaster

    seriously, the arrogance to stay in the wide splits, scheissing ignore the run, and go five wides and it continue to fail is mind numbing
  4. Can we really make any real determinations about this team or any other during these abortion of a year? Look at Bama and their defense. Two Sun Belt losses (do we think these results would happen now?).

    This first 4 weeks is just basically a real time spring practice. Not many teams have looked like they are ready. This football season like all of 2020 just needs to be written off and we start from scratch in 21...if we even get back to normal then.

    Just an opinion, no real expertise like so many on here with vast experience in coaching a P5 program.
  5. Not going to read much from what I'm sure it's just a miserable beating of pissed off fans (I don't blame anyone for being miserable and pissed off btw, just not interested in reading it all) so I'm sure this has already been mentioned. The 1st down play call on the last drive - what in the scheissing scheiss was that scheissing play supposed to scheissing do to scheissing help in any scheissing way?

    I typically don't criticize run vs pass decisions in play calling in any given situation because it's just way too easy after the fact when something doesn't work to say that you should've done the other thing but my God that was one of the most idiotic decisions I've ever seen in my life. We were already probably totally scheissed right there but calling a running play just guaranteed that we'd have no chance whatsoever to move the ball down the field.
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  6. In today’s college football, with most everyone running the ‘Spread Offense’, the inability to pressure the opposition QB and protect your own QB, is a lethal combination that is difficult to overcome. Unfortunately the Frogs have been weak in both those areas. If there isn’t significant improvement, wins are going to be hard to come by.
  7. Yep. We are one unit away from being at the top of the league this year, in my opinion. We knew the O Line was going to be a work in progress this year. It was speculated about on here and in the media reviews since the end of last season.

    That being said, I'm not sure Anderson's the one to get the most out of what we have for the rest of the season. I think the rest of the season will play out with us looking great in the games when the O Line plays well (like against UT), and looking awful when they don't (like against ISU/KSU). Feast or famine.
  8. Not a P5 coach but I'm seeing the same this year as last year and the year before. My only conclusion is covid has been around longer than we think.
  9. D. Do we know that they AREN'T currently calling whatever they want?
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  10. I believe we are further away from being championship level than most. Our DL is atrocious and is hurting us big time. The OL has been beaten to death and deservedly so.
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  11. this, the issues in the line and the avoidance of the run game has been a problem since 2018 which far predates the covid
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  12. Even when we run well and set up play action passes that could work; we then go empty backfield and pass. We are the dumbest team in all of college football!
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  13. "We have everything we need"

    Seriously, what the scheiss happened?
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  14. Its so scheissing old
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  15. The O line did not play well against UT. It just didn’t play as pathetically as it did this week.
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  16. big. big difference in the losses to isu and kstate and the win over texas is isu and kstate didn't mindfuck themselves on defense by out scheming themselves into big problems like on the two td runs by duggan,

    both just lined up and played basic,sound, physical defensive football
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