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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. 2nd and 7

    END of 3Q
  2. Offense just sucks. Passing offense is beyond pathetic.
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  3. If that was on target it might have been picked
  4. It is not just the offense.
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  5. Davis was wide open.
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  6. Wrong read. Bad pass by Max
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  7. One more bourbon to get me through the 4th quarter.
  8. We need a turnover
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  9. Miller stats until they decided to start throwing again:

    5 carries, 32 yards, with his longest an 11 yard run.

    Duggan comes back in and they immediately start slinging it ugh.
  10. Going to need a turnover here. The way KState plays we might only get two more chances with the ball.
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  11. Well, i am seeing 1 more win and the rest of this season is a waste. May be that will be enough to make a coaching change. I know donati or whatever his name is won’t do anything.
  12. QBs making the wrong reads and not hitting open receivers. Cumbie is the QB coach.
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  13. Duggan getting pulled hurt his rhythm I blame coaches!
  14. I didn’t say it was. I realize there are more problems here, but offensive coaching staff and scheme is #1. It’s on GP though.
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  15. How did our lines get so mediocre?
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  16. This is the best one...
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  17. So far the Defense has given up 11, Offense 7 and Coaches 3
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  18. Getting a job for Gary has to be the ultimate goal if you have zero ambition.

    Steady paycheck and you’ll never have to worry about anyone holding you accountable and/or losing your gig.
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