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Gameday Thread: KState vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. This is really a horrible game. Look at the stats.
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  2. Still a lot of time. Let’s go!
  3. 1st and 10 TCU from the 18

    Handoff up the middle to Miller, running hard, makes the first guy pay but brought down after a gain of 3
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  4. The Showgirls NEVER let us down.
  5. No offense, but how could you possibly think that?
  6. 2nd and 7

    Handoff to Miller running right, picks up another 3
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  7. I thought the D would be the issue
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  8. Great quote by Patterson. Unfortunately we aren’t a decent team, more less a great team.
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  9. Big 3’rd down
  10. 3rd and 4

    OL let’s a handful of guys waltz into the backfield and Max is sacked, loses 9
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  11. Can’t block, pass. Tough to run
  12. "Offensive line is lost trying to figure out who to block." ~ John Denton
  13. Our OL acts like KSU has the virus.
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  14. NOBODY on TCU can block. This is the wordt OL I’ve ever seen!
  15. The game between TCU and Tech this year is gonna be baaaaad.
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  16. 4th and 13

    Sandy from the goal line kicks a 57 yard punt, fair caught at the KState 43
  17. Other than Herman, our staff looks out coached in every game.
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  18. We won’t get shut out so our meaningless streak continues
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