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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Kickoff 2:54

    Taken at the 1 and tackled at the 15... flag... holding TCU... of course
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  2. And right on cue!! Defense gives up a touchdown. Nothing has changed. Names come and go. Coaches unfortunately stay. Another year of preseason hype to be destroyed by bad football on Saturdays.
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  3. This is how Baylor feels I hate it!
  4. Ball on the 8
  5. And our special teams still sucksz
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  6. Why is Spielman not returning kickoffs? Good job ST non-coach
  7. Is Wallace really the best option we have to return kicks? Probably another example of not playing the best guys.
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  8. 1st and 10

    Pass to Barber complete and spun down after a gain of 8
  9. There are 220v industrial vacuums that don't have this amount of suckage...
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  10. #7 looked pathetic right there, he has looked lame on both their long TD runs. Looks like someone has been reading about themselves.
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  11. Same ISU that got stomped by ULL that almost lost to GA Southern today. Oh boy...
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  12. Clearly out-coached today. Best team of athletes wore purple today. This is on coaching. 100%
  13. I think change is a good thing in certain circumstances...
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  14. 2nd and 2

    Pass to Demercado, gain of 1

    3rd and 2

    Duggan steps up and completes a pass downfield near midfield... flag... holding.
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  15. My nephew was not incorrect.

    What a sparkling display of unpreparedness, ineptitude, lack of cohesion, lack of a discernible gameplan, inability to play towards perceived strengths... Just ghastly.

    Be sure to have Coach Anderson's crap all packed into a box, and put it out on the curb next to Sonny's.
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  16. Feel pretty good about how the offense has played at least!
  17. Gary jumped the shark w the music BS.

    awful defense.

    Back to Meachum/Cumbie 5 wide on 2nd and 5. I don’t care if you pass it, but have a threat of a run.

    both sides suck, again, 8 weeks and penalties galore.
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  18. 3rd and 12

    Pass complete to Stewart for the first down... nice move to get there
  19. I’m afraid we will be irrelevant this year, again. No need to listen to ESPN-U or Big 12 Radio on Sirius XM. No one is going to be talking about TCU. I just hope Gary doesn’t lose the team and it gets really bad.
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  20. If you move your dang feet that isn’t a hold. Dahhh

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