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FWST: Ty Summers might win job at defensive end

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. He’s a star at linebacker, but TCU might tell Ty Summers: Go get the quarterback


    Linebacker Ty Summers made the second-most tackles on the TCU defense last year. Now coach Gary Patterson wonders what he can do at defensive end, where the Horned Frogs can use some help.

    Summers, a junior from San Antonio, recorded seven sacks in two practices at defensive end this week, Patterson said.

    “Right now, he’s pushing for a starting spot at defensive end,” Patterson told reporters after practice Tuesday.

    Read more at http://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article166171487.html

  2. Sounds great for the pass rush but what about the run defense, especially the end sweeps? Is Summers big enough to defend against the power sweep? All football guru's please weigh in and give their opinions. As if I had to persuade any of you to do so. Go Frogs!
  3. I'm excited by this move as not having a legitimate pass rush threat has really hurt our defense the past couple of years and exposes any weaknesses our secondary has (QBs have had way too much time). Gary Patterson's defense thrives when you've got a fast DE who can come off the edge (think running back-turned DEs Tommy Blake and Jerry Hughes). I'm also not concerned about any lack of size. He's plenty big for that position under the 4-2-5.
  4. I know everyone has been worrying about his size against the run, but he looks pretty damn thick to me. I know he's not your prototypical DE, but it's not like Boesen's wirey arse is a real run-stuffer on the edge. Maybe Summers' thicker/squattier build will help him get leverage and not get thrown out of the way.
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  5. He would get run over by otackle in run game. Third down bring him in, but if they run a draw linebacker has to cheat to help.

    NY Giants run a four defensive end pass rush on third and longs.
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    Doesn't take huge size to hold the edge at end. As long as you can get off a block and keep your outside shoulder free you're good. I think this is a brilliant move. Summers has always been a good run stopper (Baylor game two years ago)
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  7. This. Also, Ty is strong as an ox. He may be 240ish but I bet he's stronger than most of the DE's' that are bigger than him. People get too hung up on weight, IMO. GP said that they've seen great rush instincts from Ty since he ran with the scout team as a Freshman.
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  8. I can't help but feel this might be Gary playing games.
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  9. Maybe they meant his dad?

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  10. We had 43 sacks last year with 34 of those coming from the defensive line. I do not really think the pass rush was the issue last year.
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  11. I think when you're forced to take the second leading tackler in the Big 12 out of position to fill another spot, that's saying more about the deficit at defensive end than it's saying about the abilities of TS at defensive end.

    Not knocking TS at all, love TS as a LB! But if he was a great defensive end he probably would've already had more reps in that role.

    Don't lose sight of why he's moving.

    Looking forward to eating crow on this.
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  12. I think GP is trying to get the best 11 guys on the field, "typical" body frame be damned.
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    Most of the guys listed as linebackers were highschool safties or safety / LB tweeniers (Arico Evans, Travin Howard, Sammy Douglas, Montrel Wilson). So we have safties playing LB & LBs playing D-end. Obviously Patterson favours speed over size and the strategy works in the 'finess' Big 12. The laws of physics suggest this will catch up to us when a team tries to run the ball down our throat. Of course the greatness of Patterson is not subject to the laws of physics. Just ask Wisconsin.

    I'll add that - No offense to the great string of LBs that started with David Hawthorn, Tank Carder, Daryl Washington, Henson, Dawson, Brock, etal... we plug and play LBs and perhaps its an easy position to star in GP's defense. If Summers can show out at D-End, look for him to be drafted as a NFL Jack Linebacker like Jerry Hughes or Josh Carraway.
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    Agreed, although I don't think Summers frame is really far off. We had some tall skinny fast guys that could not get off run blocks last year. Hoping this is another "Gary and crew thinking outside the box and making it work beautifully".
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  15. I would generally agree, but we have LB's that have lost starting spots still on the roster. Not to mention, juco guy may be picking up the D quicker than expected.

    Hope your wrong for the sake of the D.
  16. JUCO kid got moved to DE as well.
  17. Well, there goes my theory.
  18. It also speaks to the quality depth at LB, since apparently GP has been happy with them. Ty's weakness at LB was in pass coverage, so if we can add some more speed at LB while Summers provides great DE play, its a win-win. As has been discussed a lot on here, having a bunch of tackles doesn't tell the whole story.
  19. Bush?

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