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  1. Not at all. Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned speculation. I'm just adding my opinion on the speculation.
  2. 10 mins with CGP after practice. Summers may start at DE.
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  3. No actual practice updates, please.
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  4. Only tied for #8 in the nation for sacks. Man, we really sucked!:rolleyes:
  5. Defense is always ahead of offense early in the year. Offense is based on rhythm and all 11 players on same page. I am ok with not getting updates if it helps the team out.

    I love updates love being in the loop, but why give other teams useful intel. New NCAA practice limits makes corrections much harder to accomplish.
  6. Pass rush wasn't the issue last year. It was run defense. We gave up 200 yards on the ground 4 times and 300 yards twice, and less than 100 yards once. Compare that to 2014 where we gave up 200+ only one time(Baylor) and under 100 yards 8 times.
  7. Yep, spring games and scrimmages when Dalton was QB and Fuente the OC, the offense couldn't move the ball worth a damn. Was wondering how the offense would ever score. Turns out it was just that the defense was that good. Not a bad thing
  8. It was all handled very professionally.
  9. I, too, am getting very excited about this season. The great news on Song, and CGMFP's confidence in our new long snapper is going to cover that gaping wound in our kicking game. The O line has beefed up, and sounds to be gaining in confidence. What I am really excited about, though, is our awesome corp of running backs...Hicks, Anderson and Sewu...moves, speed and power. That trifecta has the potential to be something special. And please, let's get the rock in a healthy Turpin's hands as often as possible. Almost forgot to mention...Darn Baylor!
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  10. I am REALLY intrigued by this defense. For years we have been clamoring for bigger defenders. Now we have a beefier def line and bigger DBs (guys like Gaines and scott at 6'1" with great speed and Daniels who is a 6' corner with elite speed).

    It just seems we can line up with Arkansas as well as Oklahoma State with different lineups depending on team opponent.

    I am hoping for many 27-10 wins with 300+ yards on the ground this year.
  11. My prediction was for 10 wins, "til I read GP's practice report. Linebackers (2) being moved to defensive end. Chambers and Overshown must be sub par disappointments. I thought we were thin from day one at linebacker, now, we are moving LB's because of DE play.

    I withdraw my prediction and go back to 6-6, maybe Houston Bowl. Was so proud we finally got a bigger linebacker in Bush, just to find, he's not playing linebacker anymore. DE now.

    GP may be spoofing opposition some, but I don't think so. He's gambling that those monster defensive tackles will protect safties trying to play linebacker. That is some gamble.

  12. My prediction was for 6-6 until I read this post but now I'm going with 9-3 because there's no way in hell you're gonna be right.
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  13. That's a good one and I'm jumping on the 9-3 bandwagon now. With our road games this year, it will be a good season if we can achieve it.
  14. Heck, we might have won 8 eight games last year with a decent kicking game alone. Maybe this year with more QB experience, an improved O-Line and hopefully an improved receiver corp plus better kicking I think 9-3 or better might be in the cards.
  15. I still like my projection of beating Florida in the Whatever Bowl, 3-zip.
  16. Here's a free Practice Update from yesterday (Friday)! Has more info than the various Star-Telegram pieces.

    TCU Practice Notes 8/11/2017
  17. That was not reassuring on defense

    Blacklock and Broadnax passed by Bradley and Bethley??

    No SS it seems
  18. Yeah don't like the DT news. Hoping it's just a little extra motivation for the older guys...
  19. Collier is the one passed by Bradley at one spot, Bethley, Blacklock and Broadnax are the 3 deep at the other.
  20. I like having Bradley and Bethley start with Blacklock the first one off the bench. Much improved.

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