FWST: Ty Summers might win job at defensive end

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  1. I think Ty is currently playing DE with the 2's.
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  2. We were 6th in the nation in sacks last year...
  3. I know we had a lot of sacks last year, but I think anyone who watched all the games would agree that we struggled to consistently apply pressure in the backfield. It was brutal at times watching the opposing QB stand back there and scan the field for what seemed like ten seconds.

    I don't know how to explain the high sack totals alongside the idea that we had trouble pressuring the QB, but it seems like it was definitely a thing. I'm sure part of it had to do with how many plays our defense was on the field, combined with the fact that we play a lot of pass-happy teams.
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  4. Running with the 2's. Gary says we are 1 deep on the o line.
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  5. It seems to me that every bad game went like this:
    -Great pressure, QB running for his life, maybe a few sacks.
    -Offense stinks, 3 and out or an interception, defense goes back on the field without much time to break
    -Rinse and repeat, each time the defense getting a bit more tired.
    -4th quarter rolls around and we're gassed, getting chunked on the run and not able to get any pressure.

    Look at the bowl game for a really great example of this.
  6. I like Ty Summers at D-End.

    I may be in the minority, but I've never been overly impressed with him at linebacker. He's good, but not great. I really like his work ethic, but I just don't see him being in the same league as past greats that have played for TCU.

    Yes, he has gotten a lot of tackles, but as has been discussed many times, I think it's a scewed stat. Linebackers tend to always get a majority of the tackles, and our defense has been on the field a lot more than we're used to.
  7. The way to explain the sack totals is that sacks (by themselves) are a meaningless stat. Having a lot of sacks never means that your DL is doing everything that they should be doing. Similar to hitting home runs in baseball. You can hit a lot of home runs but that doesn't necessarily mean you're a great hitting team.

    The DL had a lot of breakdowns last year in the running game and the passing game. There were many times where it seemed like the ends were overly fixated on getting sacks and that got them out of position to give up a big play.

    If you're able to get sacks AND handle your normal responsibilities then you're doing a great job. There wasn't enough consistency last year up front.
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  8. Either that or Freeze is coming back.
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    Boy our offense sure is taking a lot of blame for how many plays our defense was forced to defend. Seems like being one of the worst third down defenses in the country might have contributed a bit.

    Edit: 103rd out of 128 teams as far as defensive third down conversion percentage, for those wondering.
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  10. TWSS
  11. Overshown and Chambers must not be working out. Depleting linebackers to help defensive end. Whoa!
  12. This is KillerFrogs, dammit! I'm not about to let facts get in the way of my opinion!
  13. To clarify, when I said the high sack totals came from the defense being on the field a lot, I was implying that our defense had so many more chances to get sacks strictly from a number of opportunities perspective.

    A defense that gets 60 chances to rush the QB in a game will likely have more sacks than a team that gets to rush the QB 40 times in a game.
  14. Bingo - we had a lot of sacks the way that some basketball players put up a ton of points. By using a high volume of plays. Didn't we all see that stat where Alabamas defense was only on the field an average of 60ish plays per game? As good as they are that number would be higher if they faced big 12 offenses each week - at a minimum due to the increased tempo.

    If GP feels like moving Ty from LB, it tells me 3 things:

    1) our DEs aren't all that great right now
    2) our LBs must be overachieving (GP wouldn't shift weakenesses from one group to another, especially if it means teaching a new position)
    3) our DTs must be doing a great job of stopping the run so far if one of our better run stopping LBs is being moved.
  15. I just think that Patterson believes Summers can possibly be more of an asset to the team at DE based on what he's seen from Summers. I don't think there's a need to make evaluations about 17 different players based on the potential move of one player.
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  16. I was referring to posts prior to and after yours in terms of people blaming the O.
  17. Yeah because he does that a lot.
  18. It also seemed like the sacks we got seldom came in big moments or changed the game much. For example, instead of a 3rd down sack to take the opponent out of FG range we got a 1st down sack followed by a big play on 2nd down leaving 3rd and short. At one point last year I remember thinking our sack numbers didn't seem real and I think that's why.
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  19. I ran the numbers and TCU ranked #10 in the nation in sacks per pass attempts faced... a pretty good number.

    Very strange the pass rush was effective only sometimes
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  20. If I'm not mistaken, the def was on the field a ton more than most defenses because of our poor offense. That would explain the high number of sacks. I would question the sanity of any poster on here who watched us last year and thought we were a solid defense. It was almost unbearable to watch us get it run down on our throats in the 4th quarter of games last year. We were so soft in the middle that for the first time in memory we just got bullied. It was tough to watch. We need to be much bigger and stronger in the middle of the field. Especially if we intend to be light and speedy on the edges

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