FWST: Ty Summers might win job at defensive end

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  1. See my post above. We actually had a high sack percentage rate.
  2. Summers likely knows this defense as well as a GA at this point.

    You OL know how hard it can be to set the edge against a guy you can't square up, and a guy like Summers can peel off to the flat pretty well for zone dogs.

    And in short-yardage stuff he can basically become a second strong safety (put a Collier on the line and take out the WS).

    Kind of like the football equivalent of a Ben Zobrist in MLB.
  3. Feel like we ran a lot of base defense last year due to CB situations and lack of downfield coverage. Might have something to do with the ends containing rather than blitzing.
  4. It's not just Summers, he also moved the "new and all everything LB" Bush to defensive end too!

    And I thought linebackers were the number one need in last year's class. Things must be pretty bad at DE......
  5. It's also harder for a tall OT to get leverage on a guy who's 6'2 and strong as hell. Add in that he he'll have good speed/quickness for a DE and it's easy to see how he could be hard to deal with.
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  6. Agree, but like last year when that giant fires off run blocking size beats speed every time. Against a Nickle defense you run right at it. Gary's genius was stopping the run first and force teams to pass. What is killing his defense is the new innovation of run blocking then passing. Gary we trust to adjust to this, but that is why we have to play more base defense. We have to have great d lineman to keep our linebackers clean to make tackles. We do all perfect QB throws quick pass and burns us. We play pass and the man up and push five yards downfield with run. Gary will fix it, but the challenge is harder now.
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  7. College football's insane rule of letting linemen 3 yards down field needs to end. It makes it impossible for the defense to tell pass or run until the play is already over. Safeties can't come up to help the run because of the constant threat that the "run" play is actually a pass.
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  8. GP is good at disguising the pass rush. When we brought a lot of guys, we had a fair # of sacks, but we also had a fair # of big plays against us when recognized by the O.

    When we rushed only 4, there was 0 pressure. Opposing QB's had all day. That was the problem.
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  9. It's more insane that we haven't figured out how to do it too.
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  10. Thought they changed it last year? Either way, enforcing the rule is the issue.
  11. Damn that is hard to believe... I feel like I was screaming at the TV, because our defense could never get pressure. Trust your math though.

    Ty seems to work his ass off and I am down with him playing anywhere where he can knock folks silly. Lastly, I miss Dawson and Tank. Arico (Is that how you spell it?), better be the next coming of those two.
  12. Well, we will know answers to all of this after the Arkansas game. If they have that QB back from last year, we are in "deep do do".
  13. Love the idea of Summers coming off and protecting the edge.
  14. He's back, so you should probably skip the game. Congrats on having the two idiotic posts in what was otherwise a pretty darn good thread.
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  15. Or maybe Ty Summers is really good.
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  16. Delete your account.
  17. Hate that was missed on Taquan Graham, he's pressing for major playing time at UT as True Frosh.

    Boesen, Banogu & Summers feels pretty damn thin.....with Chambers a distant 4th..... especially after GP said that it's a tie between Summers & Boesen.

    Bowens injury hurts

  18. Where is Epley in all of this?

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