FWST: Ty Summers might win job at defensive end

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  1. He is working out there but we shall see who actually gets moved to DE, even as a backup. Still think a lot of this is motivational though there is a definite depth concern at DE.
  2. Montrel Wilson has apparently looked very good in practice and GP has been very happy with him. From what I hear anyway.
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  3. You need to tell GP that. Apparently he has no idea how to structure a defense against the run.:rolleyes: BTY he did address that in the interview when mentioned how they were getting bigger at tackle.
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  4. He's also been praising Arico, who I've got high hopes for, so he seems to be fired up about our Lbs. Our DL is going to be much improved, IMO, which should also help the LBs.
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  5. I'm resting my entire hopes of the defense being elite on Blacklock and Broadnax being the next Pierson/Hunter
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  6. If gofrogs is to be believed, Wilson is up to 225. In that after practice video, Patterson seemed to really perk up when talking about Wilson. With Howard, Wilson, Douglas, and Evans, I can understand the move with Ty to DE if the position is that lacking. Just a bit of a bummer that Chambers and Overshown haven't panned out yet and we have to move a starting LB to DE.

    Question: Is Wilson a sophomore or junior? I've seen it written as both this off season but he never had a RS year and certainly could have gotten a medical RS last season. Would be surprised if he wasn't a RS sophomore.
  7. This move can only mean one thing...Sewo is going to be a linebacker.
  8. I'm not a football mind, but couldn't he be used like a Von Miller? He's a LB that typically lines up as DE.
  9. Our run defense was ass last year, the worst I have ever seen it under Patterson. Giving up 200 yards on the ground was an extreme rarity until last season where it happened almost every game, we had many games where we gave up 300 on the ground.
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  10. If by "almost every game" you mean four games, and by "many games" you mean twice, then yes, 200+ yards on the ground happened almost every game and 300+ happened in many games.
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  11. Agree onehundo about LB depth. Fortunate to have that type of problem, so there are seemingly parts to spare.

    I also thought we had receivers who would pick up where JD and KL left off and that didn't happen. So even though number of tackles doesn't tell the whole story, that's still a lot of tackles someone else will have to come up with. There's no guarantee that happens either.

    Another way too look at it is if we aren't "short" at DE, does TS name even come up as a potential move to that spot? I don't think it does. Meaning I don't believe he's a better DE than he is a LB.

    But I'm just a fan board dude speculating while hoping I'm wrong. I would love it if TS dominates that DE position. Just think it's situation that's forced GP's hand. That's all I'm saying.
  12. Look at the sack leaders last year in the NFL. Lots of LB/DE combos around 250 (Ty at 240 is not far off especially since we're talking college ball). Sacks are so important in today's game, and if he can get them he needs to be there. I bet Ty will be able to hold his own against the run too.
  13. Is that TX_Krötenechse on the right?
  14. Here's to hoping we don't have multiple players lead the universe in tackles again this year. Hopefully the D will get off the got dang field and enjoy some more plays watching the offense.
  15. 7 sacks in 2 practices?!
    Translation in Kenny Hills head "He hate me."
  16. They used to call what Ty has torque (speed off the edge).. Haven't heard that lately, but Ty has it
  17. Run a three four already! Problem solved.
  18. This does not make any sense to me but what do i know, I'm still recovering from a massive TBI.
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  19. GP put TCU on the map by taking players from one spot, putting them in another, and making them stars.

    I really like the idea of Ty at DE. He's going to get around blocks real quick and in a hurry and is going to play havoc in the offensive backfield. Dis gonna be guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud.
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  20. While awesome, makes me wonder about the OL sadly.

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