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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. I don’t know. By all accounts, he does/did like it here in Ft Worth. That may have changed depending on how things have evolved.

    Who knows, some people put themselves through hell for the right price.
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  2. Glad I didn't spend the equivalent of a new car for east side club seats. If things dont change, donations will dry up soon.
  3. Lost me at the beginning of the article. Does anyone think Tom Herman does things the right way and should be copied?
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  4. Also.... Everyone needs to look at history. Has GMFP ever fired a coach, even when they deserved it? No.

    Shultz - He let him find a home at Illinois.

    Meach - Found a job at KU.
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  5. Williamson, offered to move him to a analyst/consulting position.
  6. I’ll be up there next season with handful of the other suckers.
  7. It will more than likely just be another GP shuffle. Shuffle the coaching staff around to different positions kind of like musical chairs. No real changes, but enough to make it look like he made a change. It's all an illusion.
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  8. But "recruiting is heating up".
  9. I kept waiting for someone to reply to his heating up tweet asking if that was a player recruit or an OC recruit!
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  10. If it is important who said it, well the man was R C Slocum, a gentleman and a class act.
  11. Thx-was curious
  12. I was going to tell you that Tom Herman took the Texas job about 24 hours after his season ended at Houston but now that you have listed that criteria, I'll have to think of someone else.
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  13. It doesn't take an OC to tell you about 80% of our problems were the o-line. Go back and watch all the games you can stomach and watch them get destroyed in both run blocking and pass protection.
  14. "I quit"
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  15. Even with all my effort for discipline, I cannot do that. Too much pain (and speaking of Pain, wonder what he would think of all this?). I can grind through most of it until I see the 3 man rush and we whiff one.
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    Well FIL has a good list of head coaches that have announced and even left before the last game - i guess I just haven’t seen that with someone coming in as a coordinator or other assistant coach as much
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  17. This thread is Looney Bird nuts....get a grip.
  18. FIFY
  19. Yeah, can’t think of any examples of an assistant making a non-head coach move that quickly.
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    gene chizik in 2006 left the dc position at texas in november to take the iowa state head coaching job when dan mccartney was fired

    chizik went to ames to interview during the week of a 45-42 loss to kansas state in manhattan

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