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FWST: TCU’s Patterson doubles down on crowd: It’s more than a social event

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. But are fans making noise or just waving three fingers?
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  2. Wow, just amazed that this is an issue with GP. So he can criticize us a fans but we are off base being critical of the team's performance?

    I have a pocket full of tickets if anyone wants to go today. Can't give them away must be my fault.
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  3. I love this idea haha.
  4. Had a history prof who argued that marriage licenses should be negotiated annually until children were involved.
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  5. One finger, I think.
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  6. i was waiting for gary to drop an "with all due respect"
  7. SMU had fraction of the fans we had last week, did nothing to stop them from kicking our butts.
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  8. Which came first, the crowd or the loss? And, not just this game.
    Tell is again how this works? I’m confused.
  9. Great! Will just pass on season tickets next year then. I thought I was helping since you have to give away tickets for another 95-degree daytime game... You owe the fans better... Dropped my basketball season tickets too, and that decision was made right after the third email I received scolding me for not being at the game. Some of us work for a living. We're not all rich, entitled [ Arschloch]s.

    Here's another suggestion.... You could also work with the city to not have half the infrastructure down every game.

    Just because CDC is over fixing Texas doesn't mean we can't move forward... But wow it feels like it.

    For the size of school TCU is, it had an amazing tailgate scene. That's nosediving. That was a reason to still come out and support mediocre seasons like last year.

    I understand and applaud the intent of beer sales w/ no in/out, but it was TCU's decision. Not mine. If you misjudged TCU's fan base thinking there are enough entitled douchebags around to support it... That's on you... Not me.

    TCU needs to figure out it's identity.... It's not elitist douchebags AND rabid, loyal, get into it superfans.

    When you cater to the former, you're determining the environment.... Not the fans.
  10. He’s right you know.
  11. BTW, if you’re not at the games, you should not be posting about attendance.
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  12. Today it wasn’t even a social event
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  13. YeH, but I got to move down to better seats.
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  14. Running out of likes!
  15. You SHOULD drop all your tickets to any sport you aren't going to attend the game
  16. TCU has two types of fans. The ones who stick with the team through tick or thin, heat or cold, from first kick to the final gun. Then there are the First Half Fans. It is quite apparent which type of fans were in abundance today. BTW...We kicked their ass today. Should we give Gary little bit of credit?
    BEAT Iowa lite!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  17. Need to add a third fan type: those who begin showing up midway through the 2Q and stay until about the start of the 4th Q. And...still can’t figure out why anyone cares.
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  18. wow. I bet if we could get a home and home with someone like ohio state we could fill the place.
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  19. Can anyone remember who wanted to drop the home & homes we had signed sealed and delivered with Ohio St and LSU for 1 and dones at JerryWorld?

    And who is it in the program that wants to continue playing SMU every year?
  20. We have maintained our season tickets since we moved out of Texas 8 years ago. We usually attend one home game a year. The other tickets are given to friends and family. The last few years have seen an increasing number of tickets go unused. I can't get anybody to take the SWAC game. The SMU game has been hard to give away as well, nobody wanted them this year. The low level Big 12 opponents are also tough.

    Early kickoff times, hot weather, and low level opponents don't draw people. That's the case in most stadiums, not just ours. If Gary thinks that grass is greener in another stadium, good luck with that. Ask Nick Saban if Bama is having any issues with attendance.

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