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Frogs v DBU (Tuesday Beat the Weather Game)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Rifle season is over.
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  2. Have to move forward
  3. Speak for yourself, the Stars are still in.

    Edit: WHF beat me to it
  4. What if we let Rizer pitch a game? It couldn't be that much worse.
  5. so glad i didn't watch listen or read what was going on until now. terrible. just terrible.
  6. Pitching was the least of our issues this afternoon. But you are right....when a team feels comfortable bunting against you with two outs and two runners on, it's about as bad as it can get.
  7. We just moved down 6 RPI spots. We are now at 80.

    8th out of 9 Big 12 schools.
  8. Wait, that actually happened? Sorry, just tuning in.
  9. I've got to go out to Los Angeles for the remainder of the week for a convention so not likely that I'll be able to tune in to at least the first couple of games against the enemy. Hopefully the Frogs get it figured out defensively, on the mound, on the base paths, and use the offense to not only put pressure on the opponent but do irreversible damage. Hope has never been a great strategy but at least it's a strategy.
  10. Honest to God, I've seen multiple high school bullpens better than ours right now. Somebody said it perfectly on here earlier, did these kids just throw balls in HS that people swung at?? We don't have a bullpen arm that could hit the side of a barn right now. Just deplorable. And to be honest I really don't want to hear about how we don't have Sloan and Smith. I was told Coughlin, King, Eissler, Rudis, Brown, Arraghetti (SP), and Perez was a top flight bullpen. It's just exhausting to watch at this point

  11. What is worse to me is the head in sand attitude that a BUNTING OFFENSE is wasted outs. If they dont win the series this weekend, this team is finished.
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  12. Not sure to which god you are directing your version of honesty toward, but no...no you haven't.
  13. Sure they were bulls or were you steered in the wrong direction?
  14. No but I have seen ones where they had kids on 3-0 pitches that could actually throw a strike knowing the batter wasn’t going to swing

    Something our pitchers often seem unable to do
  15. Thanks for all the commentary. Glad I was unable to watch tonight.
  16. We can still make the NIT right?
  17. Pitch Dion
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  18. Not sure why there’s such a focus on pitcher’s not throwing strikes today. Walks were among the least of our many issues today. We issued 3 and DBU gave us 5. This staff has been wild a lot but not today. Today they definitely adhered to the theory of “let them hit it” and “let them bunt it”. Even Brown made it through 1.1 without hitting or walking anyone.
  19. You are correct - but unfortunately that seems to be the only other alternative we have - hang pitches in the middle to top of the zone so the other team can hit it like t-ball

    Eissler couldn’t get a pitch below the belt unless he threw it at the ankles - so to avoid walks he gave up big hits

    Green never even seemed to try to do anything but throw batting practice- which as you say was better than walking them all

    Just frustrating that so many guys that were the bomb last year in relief are just bombing this year

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