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Frogs v DBU (Tuesday Beat the Weather Game)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Apr 23, 2019.

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    It is shocking how average to below average Green, Eissler, Cal, etc are this year

    I would have bet money those three and King would be the best bullpen in the country - and we may be the worst in the B12

    If all you have is a high fastball at 90, you might think about becoming a submariner
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  2. Isola-Rizer-Henry will try and break the string of three hitless innings.
  3. Win the Big 12 tournament, probably all that matters.
  4. Isola walks.
  5. There's still time against high ranked teams to get to a non-championship bid but we are showing exactly ZERO signs of that happening. In fact, signs point to the opposite.
  6. At the rate this is going that will be the only way to get in.
    This season is in a tailspin.
  7. Rizer singles and Isola goes to third.
    Please let Rizer swipe second before we hit into a DP.
    Henry lines out to 2B.

    Keefer singles in Isola and just because we didn't need him on the bases, Keefer gets thrown out trying to stretch it into a double. So...two outs and runner at third. Just when I was thinking we might see an error-free game on the base paths.

    5-2 DBU
  8. Henry up to bat with a runner on 1st...

    Well, at least he didn’t GIDP
  9. Why is he trying to stretch that when we are still 3 runs down?

    Stupid and starting to believe we are poorly coached at some level because it’s hard to believe we have this many boneheads on one team
  10. Shepherd walks and its runners first and third with two outs for Oviedo
    Oviedo singles and its 5-3.
    Wolfe makes the final out and we head to the 7th
  11. Does Keefer know he's not that fast?
  12. Should be bases loaded with 1 out.

    Instead 2 outs and runners on the corners. Oviedo down 0-2
  13. Bad strike 3 call
  14. Oviedo with an RBI single. 5-3
  15. Wondering what the first base coach was doing? Likely not coaching. And...I know someone's gonna say that "the play was in front of him" so it's on the runner. BS....that's true if and only if you've demonstrated that you are a good base runner. Otherwise, you must get coaching.

    Rudis on to pitch
  16. From where I sit that thing looked well inside - but Wolfe didn’t argue much so maybe not
  17. Rudis gets the leadoff K
    Then a quick F8
    And then Rudis walks the next batter on four pitches. Remarkable that he's done that again.
    Idiot next batter comes up swinging at a breaker in the dirt.
    But he walks anyway. I have no words for how quickly we can turn positive into negative
  18. Sitting out a lightning delay at a high school baseball game.
  19. And Rudis is done. Augie coming in. Let's try them all. Where's Brown?
    And once again the Frogs botch a bunt play. This one with two outs. E on Guenther but it was a really poor throw from Isola. I would say remarkable but it's really not.
  20. Did these guys throw strikes in high school or just face batters that swung at balls?

    Or do we try to get them to hit the edges and they didn’t need to do that in high school and they don’t have the control for it ?

    Or do we change their angles and release points?

    I am just confused how we have so many guys that literally can’t throw a strike
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