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Stars vs. Blues - Stanley Cup Playoffs Series Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Apr 23, 2019.

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  2. Thanks for this thread.
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  3. This is going to be a filthy series
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  4. Can't wait! will be awesome to watch!
  5. How long until this thread devolves into discussing specialty plates?
  6. Go Stars!!
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  7. I'll be wearing green at a game in STL, pray for me
  8. Who are the stars?

  9. That’s a late night luck drop, relatively speaking.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Anybody watching Game 7 between Vehas and SJ? Vegas was up 3-0 with 10 minutes left until they clinched the series. Then an absolutely ridiculous 5 minute major called on Cody Eakin turned into a 4-3 deficit for Vegas with a minute left in the penalty. Give Vegas credit for tying it in that last minute to take it to OT. This series should be over, though, and the Avs should be preparing for Vegas. These officials better not get another playoff game.
  12. You'll be OK, we are not like Chicago Blackhawk fans. Go Blues.
  13. No doubt. But the Star's scoring is finally reaching the level of their goaltending. ...does anyone know if Game 2 is set yet?
  14. I'm seeing a back to back on espn. Game 1 Thursday, game 2 Friday.
  15. Dallas news listed game 2 on Saturday, game 3 on Monday, etc. every other day. Not sure how accurate that is though
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  16. That was the craziest game. FOUR power play goals. It reminded me of the time Edmonton came back on the Stars in last 5 minutes of a 3-0 game in the playoffs in late 90s to tie it (all non power-play goals IIRC) and eventually won it in overtime. ...I have no idea why the day and start time of game 2 is such a big damn secret.
  17. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-playoffs-round-2-schedule/c-280468316

    Mostly waiting on the East to conclude tonight before times/dates are fully released as per this “scenario report” directly from the NHL.
  18. I'm still pissed that it even happened. If someone who didn't watch it looks at the stats they'll think SJ dominated and deserved to win the game, but that's far from true. Every stat was wildly skewed by the 20+ minute disparity in penalty minutes.

    That single call changed the game and the series.

    For starters, the 5 minute major was uncalled for. Without it nothing close to that amount of momentum gets generated.

    Secondly, the game misconduct was even more absurd. Eakin committed at worst a simple cross-check to Pavelski's chest, but it was more a two fisted punch immediately after the draw to gain position. It happens on every faceoff in the NHL. The severity of the injury was caused by the second player who checked Pavelski immediately after Eakin chucked him. If anybody was going to get a game misconduct it should be that guy (I never got the license plate on that truck), but he didn't commit a penalty either so the game misconduct was 100% unwarranted altogether. Given Eakin's 2-way ability and primacy on the dots I think the rest of the 3rd period and OT goes much differently if he's on the ice.

    That decision by the stripes was egregious and I hope the league says something about it. I hope Vegas raises an enormous amount of hell about it. I was extremely disappointed in the PBP and intermission commentators steering clear of the controversy altogether. Cowards, the lot of them.
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  19. thank you! … What pisses me off is for some reason the NHL has not set a game time for Saturday. I have a work conflict and will need to set a DVR. Until a time is set that slot won't be available to tape until the day of or day before the game, and I will be in Lubbock beginning tomorrow until late Saturday night. This almost burned me on Master's Sunday (damn Uverse). I also don't trust the app I could record from. I guess I will hope that it works this time. Damn NHL. I may just listen on the drive back. Will Sirius Radio have the game?

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