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Frogs v DBU (Tuesday Beat the Weather Game)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. And a single with two outs and two more unearned runs. This is our season.


    Simple as this. Good teams do not play the game this way. And it's happened way too much to say it's an exception. We are seeing the rule.

    Double and it's 8-3. Another unearned run.
  2. And here's Brown. In for Augie.
    Two pitches and we're out of the jam.

    Stretch time down by a sufficient number of runs it would appear.
  3. Ready for football off season after Saturday and now this... No heart. Gotta start at the top.
  4. No Stanley Cup playoffs. No college baseball tournament. I'm gonna have so much time on my hands the next month I might be able to catch up on Big Bang Theory.
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    Hump needs to catch from here on out. Isola can DH but he's not a catcher at this level yet.

    Watson pops out to lead off the 7th.
    Guenther Ks looking
    Isola doubles
    Rizer Ks looking

    Head to the 8th down 8-3
  6. Cobra Kai season 2 drops later tonight.
  7. Dalton Brown has a really low ERA and an opponents BA. Why haven't we seen more of him?
  8. Frogs have not won 25.
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    Maybe because he's walked 12 and hit 3 more in 9.2 innings.

    Lead off single. Now...will they bunt?
    Nope. K
    PB sends runners to second and third. Need Hump behind the plate. Isola is breaking down it appears to me.
    And another K. Chance to get out of this mess.
    And another K ends the Patriot 8th.

    Brown Ks the side in 28 pitches and gives up no runs. 8-3 DBU
  10. New season of Bosch on Amazon.
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  12. Correct. If we go and win 10 more games we'll finish the regular season with 33 wins. That's how many we had last year I think (including the tournament)
  13. Henry Ks
    Keefer Ks
    Shepherd breaks the K string with a ground out.

    Head to the 9th.
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    Barr to pitch now. Notary must be in somebody's doghouse.

    K but runner reaches. And steals second without any attention being paid to him at all. Low energy and less focus.

    And now an RBI single. 9-3

    Schloss having a conversation with Barr about focus.

    And Barr Ks the kid

    Barr picks the kid off first base but Frogs can't execute the pickle play and runner gets back to 1B.

    Should be no free snow cones after today's games for the kiddos.

    CS for out two which is what should happen when you are stealing up 6 in the 9th.

    And Barr Ks the last batter. Need 6 to tie
  15. I have no words.
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  16. do the frogs cancel the game in abilene or do they play that game to get jared more game time hoping he can contribute come conference tournament time?
  17. Oviedo pops up
  18. Might as well play it but not because of JJ's situation. If JJ is not ready to start a weekend game by tourney time it won't matter much.
  19. Wolfe grounds out for the second out. Wanted to make this comeback even more magical.
    Watson Ks looking to end it.

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