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For the Robinson haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Harris isn’t a true freshman.
  2. Come on lighten up Francis just a little tongue n cheek. Hasn’t your hang over resolved by now?

  3. Sorry but I disagree. Collins has three state titles and out played Robinson in the spring game. Patterson has said many times that it was to close to call who the starter should be. It was Cumbie that made the decision to play Robinson because he is a better runner. Considering the 8 turnovers in the last three games, I can't see Collins doing nearly as bad. This should not have been a throw away year, we have a very good team and should be undefeated. So fuss all you want, but I welcome seeing Collins.
  4. You mean it could be worse than 6 pics and 2 fumbles??? At least a third of which directly or indirectly resulted in opponents touchdowns?????

    I'm ready to take my chances.
  5. I honestly hope we have a recruit that's better than both of them. Because QB's rarely develop into stellar players. The great ones seem to have it from the get go. Sure SR might develop into a highly functional qb, but I don't see a stellar qb anywhere in SR.
  6. Sorry, but how often do you see worst to first in the QB position?
  7. Watched the ISU replay, when SR fumbled it was because the blitzer slapped the ball out of his hand. Slapped it out as he ran by. Slapped. Sheesh.
  8. Maybe so, but we saw an example of one with Boykin. He was light years better as a senior than he was earlier in his career. He looked borderline terrible at times in 2012 and 2013 and I don't think you can pin all of that on the offense we were running.
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  9. Yep. That's probably my biggest issue with his turnovers, so many are so easy. They are INTs that he throws directly to the other team, or fumbles that are just careless. We've had to scratch and claw our way to get a few turnovers, and typically they have been on great plays. Robinson just gives them away
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  10. Boykin was never as bad as SR. Boykins career turnover stats almost didn't equal what SR already has this season.
  11. It took Andy till his senior year to really click.
  12. Boykin threw 37 interceptions. 37!
  13. Maybe because Deuce didn't start until his junior year. Give it a freakin rest.
  14. Junior year for Deuce was also, his first year starting at QB.... Remember he was a wide receiver
  15. Wrong! He started 14 games prior to his junior season. He had over a season's worth of starts.

    If SRobinson starts every game this season (seemingly unlikely), he will have 14 starts going into his junior season
  16. He played plenty of QB his first 2 years.

    Boykin played QB in 48 games

    Played 24 games his freshman and sophomore years with 272 passes those years and qb ratings of 126.4 and 122.0 respectively
  17. andy, boykin, vince young was a train wreck at texas at first
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  18. interesting because shawn's rating so far this year is 127 and change so he is ahead of boyin at this rate of his first full season
  19. Yea there are only about 100 examples over the last several years.

    Outside of those 100 it never happens though. People at other positions can improve but not QB. We all know whatever accuracy you have as a 2 year old is what you will have for life.
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  20. Also way ahead in turnovers. With plenty more to play.

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