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For the Robinson haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. This was the first game where I thought Robinson needed to sit for a couple of series, or even that Collins should get the start against Tech. He just wasn’t very good, and this week the receivers played fine, so we can’t pass blame off on them.

    Shawn’s legs were supposed to be a difference-maker, but he hasn’t been an especially effective runner, and while I don’t fault him too much for accuracy and decision-making, since those are both areas that will improve with experience, his tunnel vision leading to INTs, his tendency to fumble, and his too-frequent mishandling of handoffs has been a liability.

    I think Shawn is the better quarterback between him and Collins. But if Collins can give us more or less average QB play without the turnovers, then I’d take it, because the turnovers are absolutely killing us.
  2. To make a thread saying that some fans of OUR team would be happy that one of OUR players got hurt and it’s a good thing...
    Take a lap
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  3. Offensive line play was terrible today. Shawn had a couple of bad reads and one really bad decision to throw into triple coverage off his back foot (that decision thankfully didn't turn into ISU points), but he also made some great throws and for the most part had a good game. I don't fault him for the fumble as much as I do the right side of the line missing their blocks, but he does have to protect the ball more and make better decisions. However, he's a young guy, give him time.
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  4. Iowa States whole defensive scheme is to prevent the deep ball. They don’t do a ton of blitzing so they flood the zones with a 3-3-5 cover 3.

    Basically their scheme relies on the QB to make intermediate pass after intermediate pass. We know that’s not SR’s strong suit except for his last pass to Reagor which I think may have been his best all season.

    The game plan obviously was not to have him force the throws he did vs Texas. So when you can’t make intermediate throws and Iowa States whole goal is to prevent the deep ball, it’s hard to move the ball.

    They finally did on the drive ending in a fumble by using the ground game and tunnel screens.

    A more seasoned QB would be able to make more throws but the coaches wanted Robinson to keep his confidence up in his passing game. Asking him to rely on 8-10 yard passes over the middle would have been dangerous for his psyche.

    It was a smart game plan because there wasn’t the fear of Iowa State doing much offensively so they didn’t need to force the ball.

    Before complaining about the stat line, look into reasons why.
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  5. The line started playing a lot better when they put in Harris and McKinney and moved Gaynor to LG. Harris did a *much* better job at RG.
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  6. After seeing that hit he took... It's either a collar bone break or AC tear.
  7. I don’t think he wanted more PT for Collins so SR wouldn’t get hurt. He wanted more PT for Collins so he’d be more prepared if Shawn got hurt.
  8. It’s not an AC tear.
  9. Collar bone, then?
  10. Well somebody’s coaching SR to throw off the back foot
  11. AC = acromioclavicular in this case? So an AC joint separation/sprain?

    It’s possible, but my money is on a clavicle fracture.
  12. I think you might be right. He hurt that shoulder against osu. I remember him coming off the field with his left arm drooping. He came back, and didn’t play well. He hurt it again in Austin. I feel certain it has had something to do with his sub par play. Then, last night, he really blew it up. I’m not sure we will see him again this year...
    BEAT bye!
    Spit Blood~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe] and injuries!!
  13. Having 1 game in 21 days will help. Likely would be out for Tech but maybe healthy for OU. If he doesn’t play vs OU he’s likely done for season and hope they could get medical redshirt.
  14. Collins is not going to be better than Robinson, and anyone who think he will be is kidding themselves. The coaches have been very clear that Robinson is better than Collins. It’s another Hill-Sawyer situation, where fans only think the back up is better because they haven’t seen him play.

    With that being said, I don’t see the offense being much worse with Collins at the helm rather than Robinson. Our offense has scored 1 touchdown in each of the last two games, so it’s going to be hard to be worse than that.

    It’s pretty clear that 2018 isn’t “our year” so Collins playing instead of Robinson won’t be that big from a 2018 perspective, but it will be a killer from a 2019 perspective. We desperately need Robinson to get playing time this year so he is ready to lead us to big things in 2019.

    It’s extremely important that Robinson is able to play again in 2018. Getting Robinson experience and developing him as a quarterback is just as important as winning games this year this year. Yes he is raw and isn’t playing his best right now, but his potential is sky high and there is no limit to what he can do once he’s in his prime in 2019 and 2020. But missing the rest of 2018 would be a development killer and would set TCU back a year. 2019 is supposed to be our year, but that all changes if we go into the season once again inexperienced at quarterback.
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  15. If Collins just eliminates the ridiculous amount of the turnovers that are resulting from the QB play, that in itself will be a significant improvement.
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  16. Michael Collins is 6’5”

    A more typical QB height.

    hopefully we can build an offense around him and his strengths- which we fans don’t really know yet.

    From what we hear, he throws the ball well and deserves more credit for his ability to run

    If we just fix the qb turnover issue, that would be a good start
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  17. I agree that Robinson has a ton of upside and he looks the part out there. Right now he makes bad decisions and untimely throws that will go away with experience. His injury definitely sets us back for next year and it sucks.

    However, he is currently 96th in FBS in passer rating which I believe is 2nd to last in the Big XII. He has a huge upside but is not playing well right now. If Collins is not more effective at managing the game right now then our QB room has far less talent than I thought it did before the season.

    The Justin Rogers injury is beginning to rear its ugly head as multiple teams are starting true freshman at QB with great success. I’m not saying he would have been the starter, but we have could definitely have used his depth right now.
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  18. Don’t know the rule exactly, but I think 5 games in redshirts are off the table. Not worried about it anyway with Rogers and hopefully Duggan waiting in the wings.
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  19. His shoulder has been messed up since the Tech game last year
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