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For the Robinson haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Be careful for what you wish for
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    Hope it's not too serious an injury !

    Sean(Shawn it is) is so damn talented! But very willing, if he continues not to protect the ball(both fumbles and Ints), to see if Collins(who is less athletic) can protect the ball better.
  3. GD... Did we need to start a new thread.
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  4. Is there any news on his injury? I really hope he is not hurt that badly. He is still needed in this offense even if he may not start a game.
  5. I wouldnt be surprised if its kept a secret until the Tech game.
  6. I hope Shawn doesn't miss any time but it appears that may be a possibility. Yeah, he needs to protect the ball more but this offense is already struggling and that is not something that is going to help at all. Collins may be able to play some but there's a reason that SR was a highly recruited QB and he was a walk-on.

    He already had an injury to his left shoulder before the game started and I'm not sure why we were running him so much except that when the offense is generally not working that well, the solution often seems to revert to having the QB run around. I hope he's a quick healer.
  7. Waymon James was "day to day" after he tore his ACL in Kansas.
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  8. I read a post game note that Patterson wasnt too happy.

    As we have heard in the past, Patterson wanted more playing time for Collins so Shawn doesn't get injured. He said they had discussions about it
  9. Unfortunately until he becomes a better decision maker he’s a better runner than passer. That’s why the game plan has been to run him. I guess we broke him but arm strength is meaningless if your throwing it to the other team. I hope we explore moving him around in the pocket more. That was really working for a bit and I think him having the time option to run is better that way.

    I really hate all the presnap confusion. I know we are getting the read right but I’m not certain that Cumbie isn’t more confused than Robinson.
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  10. Then Gary should have made that happen. He's the damn head coach.
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  11. I’m starting to feel this way too. If he’s not happy with something he can easily do something about it.
  12. He is waaaayyy to hands off with the offense..Collins should have got a drive or two early in this one. I’m a fan of Shawn’s but after all his carelessness Collins should have gotten a 1st half opportunity. The fact that he hasn’t says that either Collins isn’t very good or that GP hasn’t put his foot down
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  13. I felt terrible for him when he went down and seemed like he was in a lot of pain. I really hope he will be back as we need all hands on deck and he needs lots of reps.

    But I’m not sure I get this post as it really couldn’t be much worse. He has 8 total turnovers and only 3 total TDs the last 3 games. He hasn’t broken 200 passing yards the last two games with 29 attempts in both games. That is not good QB play and you simply cannot argue that it is.

    He has a ton of raw talent (I think everyone can see that) but he has not played good football recently. Collins may not have as high a ceiling, but I will be shocked if he plays worse.
  14. I truly doubt we see Robinson again this season.
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  15. Same

    May have looked worse that it really was, we will see but he was really in pain.

  16. I recall that I had similar thinking about Foster Sawyer after watching Kenny Hill play in 2016. I was wrong. He was worse.
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  17. I've been meaning to ask. Is global warming no longer Kenny Hill's fault? DO we blame SR now?
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  18. Ok, I'll give you that one. Now I'm nervous...

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