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For the Robinson haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ifrog, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. This O play calling is so pathetic, I don’t think it much matters who’s throwing the ball right now....we’ll see what MC can do, hopefully do a better job of protecting the ball.

    This bye week is coming at a good time
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  2. I hope Collins tears is up if he plays against Tech or more depending on how hurt SR really is. But I don’t think he’s better at all. We will see.

    What I do think is Cumbie taking his head out off his ass and start calling a good game and make proper adjustments. I’m getting real tired of his offense. And from the sound of things, so is CGP.
  3. I like rooting for both Quarterbacks. Collins needs to focus on being a game manager. Safely get the ball into the hands of your playmakers and let them do the rest. Forget the heroics.

    The rest of the season will ride on the backs of the defense.
  4. The real problem is we haven't run the ball worth a damn the last 2 games. 2.5 yards per carry last night and even worse vs Texas

    A QB change won't fix that in fact it will make it worse as teams will force Collins to beat them throwing it
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  5. I guess everyone is a hater? Ok.
  6. Clemson came back to win with their 3rd string QB. Again, how are our backup QB's never ready? Mind boggling...
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  7. Ours came in and won the game so not sure how you're saying he wasn't ready...
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  8. Who exactly isn’t ready or hasn’t been ready? We’ve actually gotten some solid performances when forced to go to backup QBs recently.
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  9. Worth noting he actually didn’t come in.
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  10. Maybe you weren't watching closely enough. He split out wide to the left and didn't hold anybody or jump offsides or anything.
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  11. Fixed.
  12. Wasn’t that him next to Sewo during those 2 wildcat plays?
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  13. Shewo did ok as our backup, I will take no turn overs. I also liked our old backup qb that was, “so close to beating out SR for the starting job,” moving to wide receiver.

    For the record I was livid that we didn’t actually try to score a touchdown and put that much pressure on our kicker. It worked but I hated it. Guess we were scared of another turnover.
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  15. It’s Jefffffff.
  16. Collins will be OK. He won’t be better than Shawn as a passer or a runner, probably, but if he can make the easy throws and avoid turnovers then the team may be overall better.

    Next year is going to be an interesting offseason. If Robinson is hurt badly enough to be done for the season, you’d have Collins competing against Robinson and Rogers ... and that’s a recipe for a QB to transfer.
  17. And possibly Duggan. If he’s too good to redshirt.
  18. He was terrible. He made one big throw on their game winning drive but apart from that he was really bad. Also helped that their running back had 200+ yards rushing by himself
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  19. SR may just not be a gamer yet or ever, as much as I hate to say it and wish that he was.. Or, as referred to earlier in the post, perhaps he's been playing badly because of an injury in the OSU game and that's when it all went downhill.. If he's out, let's see how he competes against JR and the Iowa kid next year..

    You never know how a backup is going to do.. Collins did beat out Muehlstein who was a decent recruit, but our running game will have to help him out.. Speaking of, we were already rebuilding on the OL- losing Iwagwu and then starting a true Freshman is tough, but Harris did look okay at times out there..
  20. Basing that second sentence on what exactly?
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